2016 Animated Movie- The Frame Award!


Presenting our first “FRAME” Award for best animated film of 2016.  We have given the best animated film in the past including such films as Inside Out, Flashpoint, Big Hero 6, but now we have the official EYG FRAME Award to present.

Animation this year was okay.  We have had better years in the past.  I am only placing eight on the list of animation this year, with four making the bad list.  There were several that I did not see.  So when Ice Age’s new film is not on the bad list (or Norm of the North btw), I did not see it.

Two films that fall int he middle between the lists are Secret Life of Pets and Batman: Killing JokeKilling Joke could have been so good, but yet had to tack on a first half of the movie that had nothing to do with the story.  Pets was pretty average to below average, but was passable enough to avoid the bad list.

So here is the Top Ten Eight Animated Movies of 2016

#8.  Kung Fu Panda 3.  This was really a good movie but honestly, I forgot all about it until I went back over the other movies I reviewed this year.  I did not have to do that for the other movies on this list and thus, Kung Fu Panda 3 gets the #7 slot.  Still a greta film though.

#7.  The Little Prince.  This was on Netflix and was an adaptation of the beloved children’s story and this was done so well.  I had tears in my eyes watching The Little Prince.  This was an example of adding material to a film that actually fit into the story (hint hint Killing Joke) and made the movie better.

#6.  Sing.  Saw this one late in the year and really enjoyed it.  The story was simple.  I liked the characters.  And the music was engaging and entertaining.  That was about all that Sing was about.

#5.  Finding Dory.  I enjoyed this movie.  It would have been a better film if it hadn’t been constantly compared to Finding Nemo, which was a significantly better film.  Still enjoyed the story and the voice work from Ellen DeGeneres was top notch.

#4.  Kubo and the Two Strings.  A beautiful story with epic animation from the people at Laika.  Great characters on an epic adventure.  I did not love it as much as most people did, but this was really great, no doubt.

#3.  Zootopia.  Disney continued to be making all the money this year as Zootopia was one of the year’s biggest hits.  It also had a very subversive story with plenty of metaphoric moments that adults would understand while kids would laugh at.  Beautifully blended the viewing pleasure for the whole family.

#2.  Batman: The Return of the Caped Crusaders.  A personal favorite of mine because it brought back Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin.  Building off the success from the comics of Batman ’66, The Return of the Caped Crusaders was so full of nostalgia and fun that I had a smile on my face the whole time.  The animation did not measure up to the rest of this list, but I did not care.  It took me back to my childhood when I could watch these episodes and wonder how Batman and Robin were going to get out of this trap.  Loved this.

And our first official winner of the EYG FRAME Award goes to…

#1.  Moana.  So many great things here that, even with what was a very simple story, when put together, something special is created.  It had great music, a great female protagonist and The Rock.  What more do you need?  It also showed the Polynesian culture, something that we had not seen before.  Moana was my favorite animated experience of the year.

Image result for Moana

Top Four Worst

Again, I skipped out of quite a few animated films this year that looked to be awful.  I did not see the new Ice Age movie, Ratchet and Clank, Norm of the North, The Wild Life, Nut Job 2.  These are the four that made my list.

#4.  Sausage Party.  This was as disappointing as anything else.  I expected a lot of rauchy humor, and, though I got raunch, I did not get much humor.

#3.  Trolls.  Way too saccharine sweet for my taste buds.   It had some good moments, but it really was too much of a good thing.  Plus, it was predictable as heck.

#2.  Storks.  Did not like this one either.  There were so many stupid moments and the predictability of the film was so obvious.

#1.  Angry Birds.  Man this was horrible.  I hated this movie.  Nothing but  a cash grab.  Another example of the video game movie failing.  Dumb and boring.

Image result for angry birds

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