The Strangelove- Best Actor


We will now be awarding the “Strangelove.”  This is the award given here at EYG to the Best Actor in a Movie.  It is, of course, in honor of the EYG Hall of Famer Peter Sellers and his tour de force performance in Dr. Strangelove.

First:  Honorable Mention:  Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange), Chris Evans (Captain America: Civil War), Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool), Michael Shannon (Elvis & Nixon), Ben Foster (Hell or High Water)

#5.  Paul Dano (Swiss Army Man).  Dano had to be able to hold everything together or else this whole movie would fail.  How many farting corpse movies have you ever seen?  But Dano brought the humanity to the role and sold us his desperation to find his way home using whatever means necessary.  He had a great report with Daniel Radcliffe and they made a great film.

#4.  Andrew Garfield (Hacksaw Ridge).  Garfield has come a long way since Amazing Spider-man 2.  He shows the full gamut of emotion here and showed us what a real life hero was like.  The second half of this movie is very difficult to watch, but it is incredibly inspiring and a big part of that comes from Andrew Garfield.

#3.  Casey Affleck (Manchester By the Sea).  Casey Affleck’s best performance ever?  Certainly. Affleck is understated and kept his pain from the horrible circumstances of his life close to his breast.  You wondered through the film why he couldn’t just move back to Manchester to raise his nephew.  You found out.  And it was heart breaking.

#2.  Ryan Gosling (La La Land).  Gosling is another one of those actors who has shown us that he can do anything.  His turn as a jazz musician hoping to own his own club and help save jazz is amazing, and his chemistry with Emma Stone is off the charts.  Gosling sings, dances, plays the piano and just knocks our socks off.

and winner of this year’s Strangelove Award is….

#1.  Denzel Washington (Fences).  I was not a huge fan of the movie Fences.  I had certain problems with the plot, the set up, how it felt like a play.  But there was no denying that Denzel Washington was brilliant as Troy, the ex-Negro league baseball player who may not be as good of a guy as he seemed.  The dialogue in this film was electric and Denzel delivered it with as much gusto as you could ever imagine.

Image result for denzel washington troy fences

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