The Liz- Best Actress

The Liz

The counterpart to the Strangelove in the world of EYG is The Liz, named after the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor, and it is presented to the best actress of the year.

Again, before we start, here are the Honorable Mentions Ruth Negga (Loving), Vera Farmiga (Conjuring 2), Melissa McCarthy & Kristin Wiig (Ghostbusters), Renee Zellweger (Bridget Jones’s Baby), Emily Blunt (Girl on a Train).

Top Actresses of 2016

#5.  Felicity Jones (Rogue One).  Felicity Jones did a great job leading the first non-trilogy Star Wars flick.  Rogue One was the first stand alone Star Wars movie and, because of that, it took quite a risk. Still, Felicity Jones took on the character of Jyn and made it a character that people wanted to see.

#4.  Hailee Steinfeld (Edge of Seventeen).  Hailee Steinfeld was really good in True Grit, but here she has to carry the whole film.  And she succeeds tremendously.  She is funny, dramatic and very teenage in this wonderful coming of age story.  This was one of the most real performances of the year.

#3.  Amy Adams (Arrival & Nocturnal Animals).  Amy Adams had a great year.  She was the lead actress in two great movies and she brought something different to both of these roles.  In Arrival, Adams brought the intelligence.  She had to do the thinking.  In Nocturnal Animals, the film was made through her POV, so what we saw was how she saw it.  Amy Adams has really taken a step to being one of our finest actresses working today.

#2.  Emma Stone (La La Land).  Emma Stone is just transcendent in La La Land.  She sings.  She dances.  She is the heart of the film.  You hope for the best for her character and you feel for her when things do not go her way.  She has amazing chemistry with her co-star Ryan Gosling and her smile can light up the screen.  She does some magic here.

and our winner of The Liz for 2016 is….

#1.  Viola Davis (Fences).  In the Golden Globes and the Oscars, they submitted her under the supporting actress category, but that is a crime.  Viola Davis is a lead actress in fences and delivers one of the rawest, most powerful performances of the year.  Yes, I found the film itself to have several flaws, but the performances of Davis and her co-star Denzel Washington were awe-inspiring.  Viola Davis has shown herself to be about as big of a powerhouse actress as you are going to find.

Image result for viola davis fences


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