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Please do not ask me why this movie is titled “Sleepless.”  I have no idea.  It feels like they used one of those random name generators and this was the first name that popped up.  Unfortunately, the film deserves a throwaway title since it would then match the throwaway movie.

Jamie Foxx played Vincent, the cop who is supposed to be dirty but we all know he isn’t really.  Vincent and his really dirty (but not so much, as we find out later) partner T.I (who plays Sean) steal some drugs from a gang of criminals.  Those drugs were meant to be passed along to criminal Novak (Scoot McNairy) by criminal Rubino (Dermont Mulroney) but since Vincent stole it, Novak was mad and Rubino was mad too.  So (somehow he knew who had stole these drugs) Rubino kidnaps Vincent’s son Thomas (Octavius J. Johnson) and blackmails Vincent into bringing him the drugs.  Vincent does so but hides them in the bathroom before going in to see Rubino (I guess to keep some leverage) but Internal Affairs cop Jennifer Bryant (Michelle Monaghan), who has been investigating Vincent and his partner for months, follows Vincent to Rubino’s casino and finds the drugs and hides them again.  Then, hilarity ensues.

Okay, maybe no hilarity ensued.

This was a really stupid movie with so many plot holes and moments of ridiculousness.  Jamie Foxx, who is a solid actor, really deserves better than this crapfest.

And, worst yet, there is someone in the police working with Novak, and the minute after the film let that drop, I immediately thought, “Oh, that is going to be [SPOILER}.”  And of course, I was right.  It was the easiest twist to guess I have seen in a long time.  Any time a film is that easy to predict, especially with the supposedly shocking surprise, it loses me.  Sleepless lost me pretty quickly.

Plus, our main characters appeared to be impossible to kill.  They were shot and stabbed and damaged multiple times but they survived easily.  Bryant, who appeared to be [spoilers] at death’s door from a gunshot wound (and a horrible car crash) at the end of the movie, makes some kind of amazing recovery and, I guess, left the hospital the same day.

Characters also do the stupidest things.  Thomas is able to escape from his captors (because they left the door open…not kidding) and he finds the phone of the secret crooked cop just sitting around. He then called his father Vincent, who tells him to wait for him in the club.  Now, this kid is still being looked for by all the killers and drug dealers that were running around the casino, so his advice was wait for me in the club area?  How about you tell him to head for the exit and get the hell out of the building while you still can?  There are so many stupid situations in this movie that I could be writing all night long.

The villains are underdeveloped.  Poor Dermont Mulroney is just terrible.  I’m no sure why he did what he did.  At least he survived [spoiler].

And Jamie Foxx has an amazing, self-cleaning suit coat.  After getting a bunch of white sugar all over it, a scene or two later, it was completely clean.  These were the things I kept seeing.

Sleepless was not a good movie.  It is January.

1.3 stars

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