The Bye Bye Man

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2016 was a year full of great horror movies.  The first one of 2017 does not continue that trend.

In fact, there was a point early in The Bye Bye Man where one character looks to another one and said, “Want to go watch something dumb.”  I thought to myself, “I already am.”

It’s bad when the characters themselves are giving me the easy straight lines.

The Bye Bye Man is about three friends who are moving out of their college dorms into an old house.  In the house, there is an old end table with writing inside it that said “Don’t say it, don’t think it.”  It also had the name “The Bye Bye Man” carved into it.  The Bye Bye Man turned out to be some kind of evil creature that ends up killing people who say his name or who know about him.  He kills people by driving them crazy and having them do the killing themselves.

There are so many things that are atrocious here that I am not sure where exactly I should start.  First, the performances here are Oscar worthy…





Okay… maybe not.

The acting in this film is horrendous.  With all due respect to the actors in this movie, this is the worst acting I have seen in a long time.  This would be bad for TV movie of the week performances, let alone a wide release feature film.  There were many times when the lines of dialogue was downright laughable or characters would deliver them either monotone or way over the top.

The characters here are just stupid.  The young characters, Elliot (Douglas Smith), Sasha (Cressida Bonas) and John (Lucien Laviscount) are so stupid and underdeveloped.  Elliot and John are supposed to be childhood friends but I did not get that impression.  They kept showing a picture of the two characters on a youth baseball team, but that is not enough to show this connection.

There were multiple characters that felt completely irrelevant.  Carrie-Anne Moss shows up in a completely wasted role. She really does nothing in the movie and, honestly, when she does something, it is completely ridiculous.  Faye Dunaway is here too.  No, really.  She is a wasted role as well.  Honestly, why were either one of these women in this movie?

The horror cliches are everywhere in The Bye Bye Man.  The weird sounds in the old house?  Check.  Changing music when something scary is happening?  Check.  Stupid people doing stupid things?  Check.  Bad cell reception? Check.

There is a CGI dog in the film that belongs to the Bye Bye Man and it is some of the worst CGI you are going to see.  It feels very much like CGI from the 1980s or 1990s.  I literally laughed when we first see the glowing eyes of the dog in the dark room.  That is never a good sign.

Nothing is ever explained about the Bye Bye Man.  We are given no reason or origin or explanation for why this creature is doing what it is doing.  We don’t know where it came from.  We don’t know anything about it except you are not to “say it, or think it.”  That drove me nuts too because, how is it possible not to think it?  I mean…don’t think of a pink elephant.

There was a scene at the beginning of the movie where we see a reporter going crazy and killing his family and other people who he had told about the Bye Bye Man.  This scene was terrible and dull.  Much of the movie was dull as well.  Honestly, not a lot of things happen in the early part of the film.  Then near the end, there are so many laugh inducing scenes.  When the librarian gets run over… hysterical.

The Bye Bye Man is an early leader for worst film of the year.  January is once again the place where bad movies go to be released and this is the epitome of that rule.

The Bad Bad Man.

Bye Bye

0.75 stars

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