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First you watch it.  Then you snooze through it.

Okay, so maybe that is not the official tagline for the new sequel to The Ring, the pluralized Rings, but it is the most accurate one for me.

Honestly, there were multiple times during the run time of this horror movie that I found myself nearly falling asleep, only to be awoken by a jump scare.  I was bored.

You know that when you watch the video, you have seven days before you die.  However, now the video is on the computer, ready to cause even more trouble.  And Leonard from the Big Bang Theory was there as a professor right in the middle of that trouble.

The storyline of this was a mess and made little sense.  It was, in part, an origin story for the monster, Samara.  Vincent D’Onofrio was here doing his best imitation of the”Don’t Breathe” shtick as well, though not nearly as effective.

Matilda Lutz, who played our main character Julia, was not bad and could have a future in better movies.  She certainly had a presence on the screen and was a lovely lady to look at.  After that, there was little that interested me.

And, as I said, nearly snoozing.

The beginning scene with the airplane and the very ending scene were not good at all.  The ending made absolutely no sense after everything that they had done during the film.  It is never a good thing when a horror movie breaks its own rules.

It’s hard to write much in a review when I wasn’t interested enough to stay awake.  Rings is not a good horror movie and 2017 has started off poorly with this and the Bye Bye Man.

1.5 stars

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