Personal Shopper

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I am honestly not sure what was going on here.  All I know is that Kristen Stewart was fantastic.

Kristen Stewart is no longer the butt of all the jokes for her acting skills that went on display in the Twilight saga.  She has come far from those films.  She has been pretty successful in supporting roles and secondary characters, but this performance was haunting as the lead character.

Unfortunately, the story itself was extremely weird and all over the place.

Maureen (Kristen Stewart) was the personal shopper of a famous model Kyra (Nora von Waldstatten), but she is also a medium trying to reconnect with her twin brother who had died of a heart attack.  Maureen had the same genetic imperfection of the heart that claimed the life of her brother, but she is told that she was in no danger.  Oh, this takes place in Paris, by the way.

She continues to buy dresses and try to connect to the afterlife, when she begins a conversation via text message with a mysterious person that encouraged Maureen to try on the model’s clothes.  This carried the film through the second act, but when the actress wound up brutally murdered, the film took another weird twist.

I have to say, the film started slowly, and I was finding it dull, but when the text messages started, I began to become engaged.  It was strange and mysterious and you were not sure if this was some weirdo just out to get to Maureen or if this was some otherworldly specter communicating through the phone.  However, this section of the film seemed to wrap up remarkably quickly as soon as Kyra’s dead body was found, and it was never returned to.  I am not even sure exactly what had happened with it.  I think the film inferred that it was Ingo (Lars Eidinger ) behind it all, but it was not clearly dealt with and just rapidly tossed aside as a plot point.

The ending of the film was complete garbage, going out of its way to be confusing just for the sake of confusion.  I am not sure the film even knows what had happened in the story.

Of course, throughout the entirety of the uneven film, Kristen Stewart was really good.  She has laid claim to the mantel of an actress to challenge anyone in films.  She showed so many levels of emotions and drew in the audience at every step.  If Stewart was not in this film, Personal Shopper would be one big mess.  As it is, the film is not very good, but her performance does elevate it to a higher level.

2.6 stars

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