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I am currently watching the series 13 Reasons Why on Netflix.  Based on a young adult book written by Jay Ashur that I read last year, the show is very powerful.  Dylan Minnette who plays the lead character Clay is bringing a remarkable performance to this series.  The show does a solid job of creating 13 episodes from one normal book, and I am completely addicted.  I have just finished episode 9 as we are discovering the truth behind the tragic party that would lead to the suicide of Hannah that the book/show is based upon.  Netflix has another binge-worthy show added to its lineup.

Image result for shiva attacks the SaviorsSpeaking of suicide, last week’s season finale of the Walking Dead featured the suicide of Sasha, but for a completely different reason than Hannah.  Sasha had been placed in a coffin by Negan and she took the poison that had been given to her by Eugene.  She made sure that she was a zombie by the time that coffin was opened up, shocking the crap out of Negan.  But that was not the only shock Negan had coming as Shiva from the Kingdom made its presence known, causing Negan to yell out, “They’ve got a tiger!”  Plus, we had the garbage allies turn traitor against Rick and his forces.  The finale had its ups and downs, but everything is set up for the next season to be full fledged war.

Image result for shinsuke debuts on smackdownWWE RAW and Smackdown had the fallout from Sunday’s Wrestlemania.  The return of the Hardy Boyz being probably the biggest moment from the PPV.  We also saw the main roster debuts of The Revival, Shinsuke Nakamura, “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger.  The crowds were, once again, the best part of the shows as they are just completely active and chant whatever they wanted.  Some find that annoying, but, to me, the live crowd makes the action all the better.  Then, Vince McMahon showed up and told the live crowd on RAW that next week they were going to have a “Superstar Shakeup.”  That is not a draft, folks, but I am guessing it will be similar.  Since that, the WWE has announced that the Superstar Shakeup will run over both RAW and Smackdown.

Image result for aida is madame hydraAgents of SHIELD returned this past Tuesday and introduced us to the weird world of the Framework.  Daisy was known as Skye and sleeping with Grant, who was alive, working for Hydra, but leading the resistance against them.  May was one of the top agents of Hydra.  Coulson was a college professor who turned in the troublesome Inhumans.  Fitz was Hydra’s evil Doctor.  Simmons was dead and in a mass grave.  When Simmons climbed out of said grave, you knew things were picking up.   And we found out that Madame Hydra was here as well…and she was Aida.  Welcome back, Agents of SHIELD, I have missed you.

Image result for huck in water and shot scandalHowever, the biggest super hero of the week had to be Huck from Scandal, who apparently can not die.  With three bullets in his chest and locked in a trunk of a car that has been submerged in a lake, Huck is able to get free and not drown.  Now, I am glad that Huck survived his ordeal, because he was always one of my favorite characters (at least in the first couple of seasons before they turned him into a psychotic killer), but his survival stretched credibility a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong way.  I’m also not overly fond of what they did with Quinn.

Image result for feud bette and joan OscarsJessica Lange really stood out this past week on Feud: Bette and Joan.  You could feel every bit of emotion of Lange’s Joan Crawford as she prepared for Oscar night and her plan to make sure that Bette Davis was not going to walk away with Best Actress.  This episode was must see and really should be Jessica Lange’s Emmy reel.  And, the great dame was breathtaking as the silver Oscar.  Feud continues to be one of the most amazing shows on television, continuing FX’s run of brilliant shows.

Image result for season 5 bates motel episode 7Bates Motel presented the interaction between Norman Bates and his brother Dylan and it was as twisted as you can imagine.  Norman showed that he really did love his brother despite the craziness that is his alter ego, Mother.  And the scene where Norman, afraid that the police was coming to search his house, took the body of Norma and buried it in the woods was as chilling as you could imagine.  Bates Motel is flying towards the finale as Norman called in to confess to the police about the murder of Sam Loomis.  Anything is possible with Bates Motel.

I love how ABC just keeps bringing episodes of Match Game to fill holes in their lineup.  It is currently airing Sunday nights at 8 PM Central after being on Wednesday at 9 Central.  Match Game is so much fun that I hope it stays around wherever in the lineup they can fit it for years to come.

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Happy viewing this week.  There is 24 Legacy coming to its penultimate episode, the Superstar Shakeup, Collider Movie Trivia Schmoedown’s Free for All, Riverdale, Designated Survivor, Speechless, Trial and Error… so much more.

This past week also revealed to us that August 18, 2017 would be the debut of The Defenders on Netflix.  Can’t wait!

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