The Dinner

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I wouldn’t have liked any of those courses of specialty foods served during this dinner.

My picky taste buds aside, I didn’t like The Dinner much either.

Two brothers, one a popular Congressman Stan Lohman (Richard Gere), another one a former teacher Paul Lohman (Steve Coogan), get together with their wives at a fancy restaurant to discuss major issues that are facing their family.

Stan is running for Governor as well so taking time out of his schedule to have this dinner is a trying thing.  Paul and his wife Claire (Laura Linney) are dealing with a problem with their troubled son Michael (Charlie Plummer).

Paul has some kind of mental illness. It has apparently been transferred from their mother.  Paul spends the whole time monologuing and acting confused.

The children of the brothers become involved in a horrible crime and that winds up on YouTube and causes a nationwide shock.  No one knows who committed the crime, except this family.

These are horrible people.  I found Steve Coogan interesting as Paul, but he really was confusing through much of this.  Laura Linney is such an enabler.  And in the biggest twist of the movie, Richard Gere is playing a politician who is trying to do the right thing.

Talk about fiction.

I disliked most of this movie.  There were moments where I was starting to be interested in the story, but then they went off on a ten minute monologue on Gettysburg and I was checking out.

Plus, the kid Michael, who I thought was decent, turned out to be a deep seeded dirtbag.  I did not want to cheer for him at all.

The film is told in flashback as we discover what had happened and why these people are so rotten.

Honestly, trying to reflect back on the film, I am having trouble putting together a cohesive thought about it.  It is a great cast and they have some solid performances.  But the fact is the characters are terrible and inconsistent and the story only grabbed me at certain points.  Plus, the dinner was just not up my lane.

Check please.

2 stars

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