The TV Week That Was




Welcome back to the TV Week That Was.  This past week had some intriguing shows, but it honestly felt a little down after last week’s big finales of Bates Motel and Feud.

Image result for american godsWe saw the debut of the Neil Gaimann adapted series American Gods on Starz.  The show was very entertaining, extremely brutal and bloody.  You couldn’t help but become engaged in this story as we see Shadow Moon in prison, preparing for his release.  Unfortunately, bad news preceded the release as he found out that his wife died in a car crash.  Related imageThis bit of bad news led to an early release and caused Shadow a lot of problems trying to get back for the funeral.  Along the way, he ran into the mysterious Mr. Wednesday, who offers him a job.  Mr. Wednesday is played wonderfully by Ian McShane.  I am looking forward to follow this show on Starz.

Image result for riverdale killerThe biggest reveal last week confirms the long held belief that if your hair turns grey overnight, you are definitely going to/or have murdered one of your children.  Riverdale, in an obvious homage to Twin Peaks’ Leland Palmer, revealed that Jason Blossom’s killer was no other than his father Clifford Blossom.  We still have not had a complete reason for the patriarch of the Blossom clan to have shot his son in the head, but there should be some further details in this week’s finale of Riverdale.  We did find out that the Blossoms and the Coopers had an unexpected connection.  They were related.  The fact that Jason and Polly were truly cousins may have played in with dear old dad’s decision.  Plus, please be careful of those #Maplesyruplandgrabs.  (Thanks Sasha and Roth).

Image result for tv talk collider liveOn YouTube this week at Collider, we had a special week of TV Talk.  Collider TV Talk, which has aired taped on Monday nights, went live each day all week long.  The show started at 10 AM PST and was hosted by Josh Macuga.  David Griffin was also on each episode as was the lovely Sinéad de Vries.  Also on this week, though not on every episode, was Emma Fyffe, John Rocha and Jason Inman.  The week of live episodes was a trial to see how it went, and for the future, TV Talk will return to once a week.  However, perhaps they will decide that there is more TV to talk about than on Monday nights.

Image result for scandal season 6 the box imagesScandal brought its season long conspiracy crashing down this week with the bullet to the head of villainous Theodore Peus.  The show has truly gone out of its way to make a hero out of Pappa Pope, Eli Pope, that I find that pretty sickening.  He did assassinate Frankie Vargas.  The whole “We’re gonna send you Olivia’s head in a box” just never felt like sufficient motivation to scare Rowan and make him into such a wussy.  And I am so tired of his constant sermonizing.  In a season where things started so high, I found myself grimacing more than smiling at Scandal recently.

Image result for agents of shield escape from the frameworkMuch more satisfying was Agents of SHIELD as the main crew (or at least most of them) escaped from the Framework this week back to the real world.  I say most of them because Mack decided that he was staying in the Framework when he realized that his daughter would not be waiting for him in the real world.  It was a bittersweet moment for the agent and a strong performance from Henry Simmons.  We also had a great Coulson-May moment as this pair were able to reunite in both worlds.  In the Framework, Coulson is shot and comments on how it feels familiar.  Of course, in true Agents of SHIELD fashion, not everything is perfect, as Aida also found herself back in the real world in a non-robot body and TELEPORTED away from the group with Fitz.  Teleported???  What?  Rumors circulated this week that Agents of SHIELD will be renewed for a fifth season, and, if that s true, it is welcome news because this is consistently one of Marvel’s best shows.

Image result for fargo season three LAFargo had a different style of episode this week as Gloria Burgle headed to Los Angeles to continue to investigate the strange backstory of her “step”-father who had been murdered.  He apparently was, at one time, a sci-fi writer named Thaddeus Mobley.  Though I do like Gloria a lot, and I enjoyed this episode (especially with its weird animated breaks), I have been somewhat disappointed with Fargo so far in season three.  This episode had no purpose to it, as we know who killed Gloria’s step father and none of this background info seems to have any reason to be included.  Now, maybe I am wrong and it will fold back into the story, but this felt like a real wasted opportunity.  And why was Ray Wise there?  I hope Fargo picks up as the season continues.

We officially bid farewell to Tracy Quartermaine on General Hospital and we did see her reunite with Luke Spencer in a coffee house somewhere in Europe (Amsterdam, perhaps).  We did not hear anything from Luke, but the show played up the fate aspect as their meeting was completely coincidental.  It makes me kind of happy to think that Luke and Tracy are together and having adventures somewhere in the world.

Image result for once upon a time musicalTonight is the Once Upon a Time musical episode.  I hope it will be better than the Flash one from earlier this year.  I plan on watching.  There still has never been a musical episode of TV better than “Once More With Feeling”, the classic episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I still listen to that soundtrack on my phone.

We got an official teaser trailer for the Twin Peaks revival- 25 years later.  The Showtime show is just two weeks away and I am very excited to once again return to the oddball little town.


Have fun watching!

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