The TV Week That Was


A holiday week brought some interesting online content for us.

ccollisionAt Collider Video on YouTube this week, we had not only the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, massive event, The Collider Collison, headlined by the triple threat match betwen Mark Reilly, Dan Murrell and John Rocha, but also the team trivia matchup between old rivals Top Ten and team champions the Patriots.  The Patriots defeated Top Ten rather soundly to successfully defend the team titles after an uncommonly poor performance by John Rocha.  Rocha would return to the Collider Collision and, as the leader of the 4 Horsemen, would compete int he triple threat match.  Unfortunately for the Outlaw, though he competed at a much higher level, he still fell to the hands of new Movie Trivia real champChampion, Dan Murrell.  Murrell’s night was not yet over, however, as he was then challenged by Free-4-All winner Samm Levine, who was, by winning the Free-4-All allowed to challenge the champion any time he wanted.  Murrell aggressively accepted the challenge and stepped up to the plate, defeating Levine as well, ending the night not only winning the title, but also successfully defending it.  Murrell was not the only trivia competitor competing at the Collider Collision, though.  The opening bout was a match between Rotten Tomatoes (Grae Drake and Matt Atchity) and The Nerd’s Watch (Ken Napzok and Rachel Cushings) for the #1 contendership for the team titles.  It was a close encounter that was won by Rotten Tomatoes.  Then, after trailing the whole match, lions denHector Navarro barely defeated Jeremy Johns to retain the Innergeekdom Championship when Johns could not come up with AC/DC’s Back in Black.  Then, in the most contentious match of the night, Kristian “The Commissioner” Harloff defeated “The Insneider” Jeff Sneider of the Lion’s Den, despite that heelish faction’s constant complaints and criticisms.  We also saw William “The Beast” Bibbiani betray John Rocha and his former stablemates in the 4 Horsemen, leaving the group for his own.  The PPV-like event was hugely successful for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, which consistently is one of the most entertaining programs on YouTube.  Congratulations to Schmoedown head honcho Kristina Harloff on the exciting program.

Image result for Castlevania netflixAlso online this week, I watched the four episodes of the new Netflix animated series, Castlevania, based on Konami’s vampire-slaying game series.  This was a very easy binge and the animated story was very well done.  Castlevania immediately brings you into the story, actually humanizing Dracula, after his human wife is burned at the stake as a witch for practice “science.”  Of course, Dracula, instead, goes to far and prepares to destroy the entire human race in vengeance.  The series, created by Warren Ellis, was wonderful, but it was only four episodes and it felt like the series just got ready to get going and then it was over.  I am looking forward to a second season of Castlevania, which has been officially renewed at Netflix.

Image result for arseface and HitlerPreacher took the road trip to New Orleans this week in their continued search for God, who apparently loves jazz.  Preacher also looked at the true origin of Arseface, through flashbacks, allowing us to see Eugene in his tragic moment.  We also see Eugene in Hell, and that seemingly, his roommate, is Adolf Hitler.  Season two of Preacher continues to be off the chart in awesomeness.

gongThere was a lot of ringing this week as the gong was being smashed repeatedly on the Gong Show.  Guest judges Dana Carvey, Tracee Ellis Ross, Anthony Anderson were bashing that gong left and right, eliminating act after act.  Not that they weren’t deserving of a gong, mind you, but there were more this week than the previous two weeks combined.  The weird Uprooted, an act with a man who was double jointed and could do some weird movements with his arms wound up this week’s winner.  I agreed, by the way.

Image result for battle of the network stars Jack OsbourneIt was TV Sex Symbols vs. TV Variety on Battle of the Network Stars this week.  The competition show is hosted by Mike Greenberg and Joe Tessitore of ESPN.  This week’s show looked at Jack Osbourne from the Osbournes and his battle to overcome an MS diagnosis.  Osbourne ran the obstacle course and won a surprising upset victory for the team TV Variety over sex symbol Keegan Allen, from Pretty Little Liars.  However, TV Sex Symbols were able to defeat the TV Variety in a grueling tug of war at the end.

We have Twin Peaks returning this week after a week off. Also tonight is the WWE’s next PPV Great Balls of Fire, featuring the Universal Championship match between Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe.  This upcoming week also features the MLB All Star Game and Home Run Derby.

Happy viewing.

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