Home Again

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Well, this one was pretty harmless.

Home Again, starring Reese Witherspoon, is kind of a rom-com about a recently separated woman and her two daughters and they invite three young men who are trying to write a script for their movie to stay at their house.  Witherspoon’s character, Alice Kinney, is the daughter of a late Hollywood legend and Candice Bergen.

Yeah, there are a lot of strangeness involved here and it is not the most realistic movie ever filmed.  However, there is a strong cast and it is fairly okay.

Maybe that is not a rave review, but I did not hate this.  There are plenty of issues with the film.  The dialogue is very poorly written.  The characters are thin.  The story is not anything special.

Still, I did not hate this.  I think the strength of Home Again was a fairly engaging cast of young actors playing off the typically solid Reese Witherspoon performance.  Nat Wolff, Pico Alexander and Jon Rudnitsky play the three males in the meta-storyline of the writers/actors trying to get their movie funded.  These guys are fine, albeit, unimpressive.

I did enjoy seeing Candice Bergen again, despite the fact that she is not given much to do in the film.  It is her idea for the guys to move into the guest house, but that is about all she gets to do- besides babysit the girls.

In the end, there was not much to this movie.  You have seen most of it before and the overall production was average to below average.  And yet, I did not hate it.  The strong cast make up for a lot of the problems of the film.  However, not quite enough for me to recommend this one.

2.6 stars


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