The TV Week That Was


Hey all.  Welcome back to the TV Week That Was.  We are nearing the new fall TV season and there are several new shows that look interesting.  How many of these actually pan out is a crap shoot each year but it is the feeling of new that is always exciting.

imageLast week saw the end of Twin Peaks which I already discussed in its own post.  After some time to reflect, I believe that two part finale was even better than I had thought.  It certainly created buzz.  There are countless theories online about what was going on in episode 18 and many of them really work out slickly.  The thing is… we will never know for sure because Showtime has not renewed the series and it is unknown if they are planning on it.  The third season of Twin Peaks is one of David Lynch’s greatest creations and will be examined and debated for years to come.

image.jpegManhunt: Unabomber had its penultimate episode this past week where the FBI was able to get the search warrant from the judge and get Ted Kaczynski out from his cabin in the woods in Montana.  The final episode looks to have a face off with Fitz and the Unabomber in court over the legitimacy of the warrant.  I have been really enjoying this series, even with having to watch it on the Discovery Go app.

image.jpegThe Gong Show returned this week with a new episode that included former Friends star Courteney Cox.  The acts this week were really good as the show ended in a four-way tie, the most of the year so far.  The winner this week was the very entertaining FlashPants.  There was also a 16 year old rapper who rapped on broken glass.

image.jpegThe NFL season kicked off with a shoot out in Foxboro.  The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the World Champion New England Patriots on Thursday night 42-27.  It was an unexpected start to the season.  Today has a full slate of games in the NFL.

Monday Night Raw continues to feature a showdown between John Cena and Roman Reigns.  These two polarizing figures in image.jpegthe world of pro wrestling have been slamming each other verbally for the past few weeks on Raw and on social media, Twitter in particular.  The match, being dubbed a Wrestlemania quality match, between Cena and Reigns is scheduled to take place at No Mercy.

image.jpegTuesday saw the first episode of the new season of American Horror Story: Cult.  The Ryan Murphy series started off with the most infamous night of the last year… The 2016 Presidental election.  The series also included the return of Twisty from AHS: Freak Show along with other killer clowns.  Riding on the coat tails of the new movie, It, AHS is off to an okay start.  The first episode was fine, but I have seen better starts to the anthology series.  Rumors indicate that the second episode picks up really well.

Image result for IT actors on SchmoedownThe team tournament of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown continued this week.  We are down to the final four:  Team Action vs. Top 10 and Wolves of Steel vs. Above the Line.  The tournament has been entertaining so far despite having a few blow out matches this past week.  Next week’s match with Team Action and Top 10 should be a heavyweight battle for sure. They added a celebrity edition of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown this past Monday as well featuring the young actors from It.  Finn Wolfhard won the Free-for-All format of the Schmoedown.

Emmy Awards are out next week.  Happy viewing.



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