Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

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Don’t be fooled. There is little to do with DC Comics and EYG Hall of Famer Wonder Woman in the new biopic, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women.  Instead, it is a look at the controversial creator of Princess Diana and the reputed three-way relationship that was on display in his life.

William Moulton Marston not only created Wonder Woman, but also invented the lie detector, along with his wife, Elizabeth Marston.  The film tells the story of the arrival of the young and beautiful assistant Olive and how this new addition threw the married couple’s relationship into a whole new world.

William (Luke Evans) and his wife Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall) were looking for assistance on a human behavior research when they hired Olive (Bella Heathcote).  It is not long before these three people are professing their love for one another and engaging in a threesome that would turn into more than just a momentary indiscretion.

The fact that the greatest female hero of all time has an origin that comes from bondage and an attempt to subvert society with ideas of dominance and ‘sexual perversity” is an amazing thought.  I did not know anything about this as a background for Diana.  This film spends more time on the relationship between the three main characters than it does with our favorite Amazon.  I found it interesting how the film used a hearing, headed up by Josette Frank (Connie Britton), by the National Organization for Decent Literature to frame the film.  In sense, these scenes with Luke Evans and Connie Britton are not that important to most of the film.

The relationship between Marston, Elizabeth and Olive is certainly the heart of this movie and if it did not work, this film would falter.  For me, it worked somewhat, but it did, especially early, felt too choppy.  It jumped around too much for my taste.  One minute, they were saying and doing one thing and then the next scene, they were doing just the opposite.

However, the relationship became more fascinating after they started to live together and they had to deal with some challenge of awkwardness among the culture of the time.

The film felt long at times and could have trimmed some of it down.  I found parts of the movie a little dull, but the relationship was intriguing at least.  The story was fascinating about the origin of Wonder Woman, but I could have used for more of that.  I heard a lot of positives about this one, but I did not like it as much as some.  Still, it is an interesting biopic.

3.3 stars

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