Best 2016 films in 2017

Each year, there are films that are released in 2016 in limited release in order to qualify for Oscar races, but they do not go wide release may times until January.  That would make them 2016 films that I see in 2017.  Last year, I eliminated these films from my list of Top 30 films of the year because they were really films from the previous year.  However, I figured, why not recognize these films anyway.  All it would mean would be they can have a list all to themselves.

So here are the Top 5 films of 2016 that I saw during the calendar year of 2017.

Related image#5.  Silence.  Great performances from Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver was contained within the latest film from Martin Scorsese.  It had an epic feel to it, but it also had a lengthy feel to it.






Image result for the founder movie#4.  The Founder.  The story of how McDonald’s went from a small business in California to a worldwide conglomerate of fast food.  Starring Michael Keaton in a solid performance as Ray Kroc.




Image result for patriots day movie#3.  Patriots’ Day.  The story of how the police and the FBI were able to capture the terrorists who set the Boston Marathon bombs.  Inspirational while also brutal, Patriots’ Day nearly slipped into the #2 spot.


Related image#2. Hidden Figures.  How did NASA get a man into orbit?  This is the true story of how a group of African American women helped that to happen.  Hidden Figures is a fun and entertaining history lesson that we all should have known.



Image result for a monster calls movie#1.  A Monster Calls.  I was ridiculously emotional during this.  I loved this film and I thought the performance of Lewis MacDougall was beyond anything I had seen from a young actor.  The tree was great (although I did keep thinking about Groot) and this story was perfectly told.  The mystery of exactly what was happening really ripped out the heart of the viewer.  It was so great.  It deserves a number one spot.

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