The TV Week That Was


Good evening everyone.  Welcome back to the TV Week That Was.  First, a plug.  Here at EYG, December means it is time for the Year in Review for 2017.  There will be multiple categories in all areas of pop culture, including television,  So stop in and see where your favorites fall.

Image result for agents of shield premiere season 5Agents of SHIELD returned with a two hour block of episodes this Friday.  What a series premiere.  Just amazing.  Not only did the agents wind up in space (as in outer, like Coulson said), but also in the future, a future where the Kree had arrived to pick the bones of humanity after the earth was destroyed by, supposedly, Quake.  What?  Agents of SHIELD is consistently the best show Marvel out and it is full of action, drama and comedy.  Mack and Coulson were hilarious with their one liners and quips and it never fails that Agent May is destined to kick some ass.

Image result for runaways characters hulu episode 4Marvel’s Runaways continues to slowly build toward the eventual running away.  I like the fact that we are four episodes in and the kids have yet to leave their parents.  It allows some serious character development.  This week we see more with Old Lace, the mysterious dinosaur, and Karolina shared her powers with Chase.  It seems that Gert;s parents are not quite evil as much as they are trapped.  I did not read the initial comic run so I do not know what happens, but I am suspecting something more tragic with these two.  Each episode has been wonderful so far so I am looking forward to Tuesday on Hulu.

Image result for lennie james on fear the walking deadIt was announced on the Talking Dead this past week that the cast member that would be crossing over between the Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead and it turned out to be Lennie James, who plays Morgan.  How this would work out was not revealed as it looks as if there will need to be a time jump on Fear.

Image result for season 8 walking dead episode 6Meanwhile, on The Walking Dead, a conflict on the Hilltop threatened to cause trouble.  Maggie, however, quashed the problem sending the snake Gregory into the prison camp that they had set up for the POWs.  We also got Daryl Dixon arriving at the perfect time to prevent the escape of some Saviors with sound equipment in a dramatic way and we also got a rocket launcher.  Then Rick gets himself taken by the garbage people who, apparently, do art in the nude.  This show has not had a great season so far with a few breaks.

Image result for designated survivor season 3 episode 8President Kirkman is showing his inner Jack Bauer on Designated Survivor taking a secret trip into Afghanistan to meet with the opposing sides of the war.  This is something that NEVER would have happened.  When the suicide bomber went off in the camp, President Kirkman stayed right there and dug in.  Any real president would have been on Air Force One and speaking to people on the phone.  I enjoyed the episode though it was perhaps the most unlikely and unrealistic one on TV.

Related imageI am working on catching up on American Horror Story: Cult on the FX app.  I just finished episode 7 of 11 in the season and I am really enjoying it.  I am not sure about the Zodiac Killer part of the story, but I really find Evan Peters transcendent this season playing cult leader Kai.  The realism of the year is also pretty frightening.  In the past, American Horror Story has had some trait of the fantastical about it, but this year, any of this could happen.  That make it all the more scary.

Image result for carol burnett showI am watching at this very moment, the 50th Anniversary of the Carol Burnett Show on CBS.  It is a basic clip show featuring Carol along with a bunch of special guests.  It is too bad that there is not a variety show like this in prime time any longer.  Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Tim Conway and Vicki Lawrence never failed to bring laughter, even if it was just themselves.  Jim Carrey is on the show right now, saying something strange.

Happy viewing.


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