Best/Worst Villains of the Year

There were actually quite a few really good villains over the year of 2017.  Here will be the top 12 villains for the year.

Image result for clifford blossom#12.  Clifford Blossom (Riverdale).  Turns out that Daddy Blossom wound up killing his own son in the first season of Riverdale.  There were many throwbacks to Twin Peaks with this story, including the father being guilty.  The story was right before our eyes the whole time, as was the white hair (not red as you thought).


Image result for kai anderson#11.  Kai Anderson (American Horror Story: Cult).  I actually am in the middle of this season, trying to catch up with AHS: Cult and I am enjoying the performance of Evan Peters as the charismatic cult leader with intentions of a higher position.  I do not know yet how the season ends (I am in episode 7) but Kai is the heart and driving force behind this realistic and horrifying season.


Related image#10.  Penguin (Gotham).  Every year, Oswald Cobblepot is in consideration for this list and that is because he is one of the best written characters on Gotham.  He is deeply developed and the portrayal by Robin Lord Taylor is amazing.  He instills such pain and loss in Penguin that you can’t help but relate to him despite the terrible things he does to get ahead.  Penguin has shined brightly in season 4 of Gotham and he continues to be a standout character on that show.

Image result for thanos infinity war#9.  Thanos (Avengers: Infinity War trailer)  This is probably going to be someone who is considerably higher on this list next year as the actual movie comes out next May 4th.  Thanos stands out in this trailer as a serious threat to the MCU.  Josh Brolin does some great voice over work and the CGI looks tremendous.  Thanos is on the way up.

Related image#8.  Negan (The Walking Dead).  Negan was number one last year, but, oh how the mighty have fallen.  Negan has been a non-factor for much of the last year.  The show has slowly moved the main cast into a war with the Saviors and the charismatic Negan, but it is happening so slowly that the villainy of Negan is slipping away.  When you add in the greatness of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Negan still makes this list, but at a considerably lower point than when Lucille crushed Glenn’s head in.

olivia skrull#7.  Olivia Pope (Scandal).  A few weeks ago in the TV Week That Was, I speculated that Olivia Pope has actually been replaced by a Skrull.  That is the only reason I can think of as to why Olivia Pope, who would speak about being a Gladiator and wearing a white hat, would become the leader of the black ops group B613, becoming as bad as her father was/is.   I don’t know what this character ever did to the writers of Scandal, but she is practically unrecognizable this season.  Truthfully, Olivia has never been the same since she was kidnapped in season 5.  So… though she is not really a Skrull, that makes more sense.

Image result for hela#6.  Hela (Thor: Ragnarok).  Cate Blanchett in the MCU?  Yes please.  And they made her Hela, the Goddess of Death.  She was one of the best villains of the MCU and really made a serious threat in Thor: Ragnarok.  She destroyed Mjölnir, she killed the Warriors Three with but a thought, and took over the throne of Asgard.  Could Hela return as the object of affection for Thanos?  Oh, that would be so epic.

Related image#5.  V.M. Varga (Fargo).  One of the slimiest, horrible villains of the year arrived on Fargo.  Just the teeth alone made this guy a disturbing persona, but there was so much more.  He did things and just expected to get away with it.  He cared only for his bank account and he was cruel and vicious.  David Thewlis does a great job in every scene that Varga appears.  You really want this guy to get his comeuppance and that is the key to a great villain.

Image result for Pyg gotham#4.  Professor Pyg (Gotham).  I love this guy.  Pyg appeared on this season’s Gotham and he has created a serious creep factor.  Not a well known DC character, Pyg really gave Jim Gordon an antagonist to play against.  The fact that Pyg did not see Jim as an enemy at first made this villain all the worse.  And then he made up some meat pies and forced people to eat them.  Absolutely brutal and gross and awesomely villainous.


Image result for vulture michael keaton#3.  Vulture (Spider-man: Homecoming).  When we heard that Michael Keaton would be joining the cast of Spider-man: Homecoming, everybody took notice.  And his ability elevated a character like Adrian Toomes aka the Vulture to another level.  The acting skills of Keaton made his car confrontation with Peter Parker all the more intense.

Related image#2.  Evil Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks).  Kyle McLaughlin had an acting tour de force this year as he played both the villain and the hero in the return of Twin Peaks.  The evil doppelganger of Dale Cooper (with Killer Bob inside him) was just wicked the whole time.  He had the best arm wrestling match of the year!  He was vicious and no one was really sure exactly what was happening.  Evil Coop wound up back in the Black Lodge, with Bob finally gone, but do you think that we could see him again some day?

Image result for pennywise#1.  Pennywise (It).  This was tricky.  If the new version of Pennywise, played by Bill Skarsgård, failed, then the new Stephen King adaptation of It would fail as well.  Bill Skarsgård had huge shoes to fill as Tim Curry’s appearance in the original mini series as the Dancing Clown was so iconic that he was remembered more fondly than the series itself.  Bill Skarsgård knocked it out of the park.  Pennywise was creepy, terrifying, funny and perfect.  And It was one of the best movies of the year.  Pennywise looked like he was a goner, but we know that there is a second It coming down the road.  Maybe Pennywise will be able to end at the top of this list once again.


Worst Villains of the Year.

I wanted to talk about three particular villains that were really bad.

Image result for black hood riverdale#3.  The Black Hood (Riverdale).  This one still has a chance to pull itself out of the crap that it is in.  The Black Hood killer started hot, but it has really become a flop of a character.  On the phone with Betty?  Um… In what could have been something worthy of Riverdale, so far, the Black Hood has been way too inconsistent.

Related image#2.  Alexandria (The Defenders) When the word came down that the villain of the Defenders would be played by Sigourney Weaver, we all got excited.  Then we saw her in the remarkably average Defenders and we wondered why we were so excited.  She did not even make the final battle, dying from Elektra’s blade a few episodes before the finale.  Definitely a disappointment.

Related image#1. Steppenwolf (Justice League).  Easy.  The worst villain of the year is Steppenwolf.  He was nothing more than a giant video game characters with no motivation, no reason, and terrible CGI.  This was not the type of villain that should have been facing off against the Justice League.  The look of the character was just the worst.  Steppenwolf was the most obvious problem the Justice League had, and was a terrible draw away from the positives of the interactions among the heroes.  I hated every scene that had Steppenwolf in it.


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