I Am Groot Award



This is the “I Am Groot” Award, the film that provides the best voice acting work.  This could be an animated movie that has a great voice work, or it could be an actor who performs a performance capture role or a CGI character that in featured in live action films (No, not Steppenwolf).

This award was first instituted last year. We gave out an honorary award last year as well.

Previous winners Robin Williams (Honorary), Awli’i Crovolho

There was not as many great voice acting this year as in past years, which speaks to the weakness of the animated films of 2017.

Runners-UpKate McKinnon (Ferdinand), Bradley Cooper (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2), Will Arnett (Lego Batman), John Cena (Ferdinand), Anthony Gonzalez (Coco), Alec Baldwin (Boss Baby)


2017 I Am Groot Award winnerAndy Serkis (War for the Planet of the Apes, Star Wars: The Last Jedi)

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Andy Serkis could have been considered another honorary winner of this award considering the epic nature of his career in performance capture.  Just with his work in the Lord of the Rings films as Gollum would be enough.  However, an honorary award is unnecessary for Andy Serkis as he is continually providing the best performances year after year.  And this year, he was exceptional as Snope in the Last Jedi and he was his usual excellent self as Caesar in the final Apes movie, The War for the Planet of the Apes.  It is very possible that we will be seeing the man take this award once again before his career ends.


As for the others- Both John Cena and Kate McKinnon were added to this list today, since I just saw Ferdinand.  They were both really good in that role.  I actually considered Kate McKinnon as the winner of this award, but, in the end, Serkis and his two great roles won out.  Will Arnett was great in one of the best Batman movies we have had in quite a while.  Young Anthony Gonzalez was great in Coco.  Alec Baldwin had a great year overall as Trump, Match Game and here. 


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