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The golden age of television has been upon us for the last few years and there are so many opportunities to find quality entertainment that it is nearly impossible to rank anything via TV.  So last year, we split the TV categories into 4 sections.  Network, Streaming/HBO, Cable, and YouTube.  I really liked the separation and it allows us to look at more series and more types of entertainment.

This list is the YouTube list.  The following ten YouTube programs are great.  Sadly, there are two of them that are no longer with us, and that makes me very sad.  In fact, I hope that, at some point in the year of 2018, the people in charge reconsider their choice and return those two programs to their rightful place.  I know that I would watch them.

YouTube Programs

Image result for movie trivia schmoedown#1.  Movie Trivia Schmoedown (Collider).  The Movie Trivia Schmoedown had quite an incredible year.  The Schmoedown is one of the most entertaining programs on YouTube right now.  It mixes movie trivia with the world of WWE and UFC fighting.  It brings you great characters, teams, storylines, team factions and promos.  There are champions and challengers and the games are high drama.  The brainchild of the Schmoes (Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis), the Movie Trivia Schmoedown has only grown each week.  Each week there are matches mainly on Tuesday and Friday and it leads to big events such as the Collider Collision or the Schmoedown Spectacular.  Harloff is the current Movie Trivia Schmoedown Champion having defeated the legendary “Dangerous” Dan Murrell.  The team of “Little Evil” JTE and “The Insneider” Jeff Sneider form the championship team of The Patriots who have held that title all year long.  They have special divisions that include the Innergeekdom championship, held by Hector Navarro and the Star Wars Championship, held by Ken promo.pngNapzok.  Napzok, who just recently turned heel (or to the Dark Side, if you want to remain in the Star Wars world) had a remarkable promo against the face Harloff.  The two of them arguing over Napzok’s heel turn was gold and worthy of the best of the WWE (a world where both men have more than a passing knowledge).  This was after Napzok turned his back on his Nerd’s Watch teammate Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing, forcing her to play in a handicap match against Blofeld’s Cat.  The episode was uncomfortable, but riveting.  This season of Movie Trivia Schmoedown ends on December 22nd with three YouTube videos featuring major matches that is known as the Schmoedown Spectacular II.  I know I’ll be watching.


#2.  The Top Ten Show (SK Plus).  This is a show has I complained about being cancelled last year and returned this year.  I love John Rocha and Matt Knost together and they have inspired me to follow their list each week with the EYG list.  Great show and great movie talk.


Image result for tv fights roxy striar#3.  TV Fights (Screen Junkies). The first of the cancelled too soon shows on the list.  Roxy Striar hosted the debate show and our own Billy Business was the fact checker.  Each week, I would watch along live and it would make my night when Billy would read a tweet from me.  I miss TV Fights.


#4. Movie Fights (Screen Junkies).  This was almost on the list of cancelled shows, but it has returned with a new host and a new format.  Movie Fights became a victim of the sexual harassment accusation of former show host Andy Signore.  The others involved, rightfully so, pulled the debate show from the air until they were ready to move on.  Thankfully, the show returned this past Thursday with its sneak peak at the new show.  Welcome back.


Image may contain: 15 people, people smiling, people sitting#5.  Schmoes Know Show (Schmoes Know).  Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis are here again as they host a show on YouTube that streams live (most) every week on Wednesday nights.  They have a cast of revolving regulars helping them each week that include such individuals as Ken Napzok, Mark Reilly, Josh Macuga, Brett Sheridan, Joelle Monique among others.  There is a ton of fun and great talk. They passed show number 300 this year.  Here is to another 300 episodes!


#6.  Collider Movie Talk (Collider). A daily movie talk show featuring a revolving panel of commentators giving their opinions on the news of the day.  This year, Mark Ellis became the regular head of the panel, replacing former head John Campea.  They do routines such as Buy or Sell, Opening This Week and Twitter Questions.


#7.  TV Talk (Collider).  Here is cancelled show number two.  This show was great as it ran every Monday with Josh Macuga, Sinéad de Vries, Emma Fyffe, and David Griffin (and a few other guests along the way).  The show was so successful that they moved it to daily.  Then without warning, the show was pulled from YouTube.  That was strange going from once a week to daily to cancelled.  It was always great discussion with a crew that had a lot of chemistry.  Bring back TV Talk!  

Image result for fatman on batman#8.  Fatman on Batman (Kevin Smith). Pop culture icon Kevin Smith joins Marc Bernardin every week to talk about the latest in Geek culture and entertainment.  Anytime you can listen to Kevin Smith tell stories, it is a good thing, and he has a great chemistry with Marc Bernardin.


#9.  Heroes (Collider).    Jon Schnepp, director, comic book enthusiast, writer, hosts a (now) daily show that deals with discussion of everything heroes related.  Movies, television, comics- anything that they can.  There are many others that sit on the panel with Schnepp, but Jon certainly is one of the strongest voices.


Image result for in bob we trust#10. In Bob We Trust (Movie Bob).  Movie Bob does movie reviews, explains how he would “fix” certain franchises, does a popular series on movies that are “Really That Good” as well as other forms.  Movie Bob is enjoyable to listen to as he speaks fast and gives his honest opinions, even if you won’t like them.

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