The TV Week That Was


Welcome back to another episode of The TV Week That Was here at EYG.  Here is what is happening this week.

promoThe Movie Trivia Schmoedown finished its season, preparing towards the Schmoedown Spectacular II on December 22nd.  There was only one match this week, but it was a doozy.  “The Pit Boss” Ken Napzok no showed his Nerd’s Watch teammate Rachel”the Crusher” Cushing in their team match with The Lion Den’s Blofeld’s Cat.  Cushing, as a competitor who did not want to forfeit, took on the duo by herself.  She showed great heart and battled to the very end, but eventually fell to the team Blofeld’s Cat.  At that point, Ken Napzok came out from the back and revealed that he had officially joined the Lion’s Den and that he had left Rachel alone on purpose.  The ensuing promo between Movie Trivia Champion and former Commissioner Kristian Harloff and Napzok was right out of the WWE book.  Harloff, and especially Napzok, was just tremendous with the passion and the story they told with their words.   When the Collider series adds these type of storylines, it certainly adds dimensions to the program.  The game is untouchable, but the storylines bring even more excitement to the show.  The Schmoedown Spectacular II looks to be awesome this coming Friday.

Image result for kree villain on Agents of shield season 5 fitzAgents of SHIELD continues to move along as the ABC show has taken its main crew into the future.  The Kree has captured Daisy and figured out that she is Quake, Destroyer of Worlds, thanks to Deke.  However, Deke is playing a long game and may not necessarily be opposing the agents.  Kasius plans on selling Daisy to the highest bidder and taking that money and leaving the remains of the earth.  Mae might have gotten beat in the inevitable confrontation with Lady Sinara.  Everything looked bad for our heroes until an unexpected face arrived.  With the removal of a helmet, we see Fitz, who had been left in the past had found his way to the future somehow.  The scenes for next week look as if we get the story of Fitz and how he arrived in the dark future.

Image result for dirk gently season 2 finaleSaturday night saw the finale of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency season two as Dirk gets the boy back to Wendimoor, to complete the prophecy and bring the story to a happy conclusion.  The boy was able to fix all of the terrible things that had happened over the last several episodes.  Meanwhile, Blackwing looks to be under complete new leadership in Ken, after Friedkin derailed it and helped Dirk return to Wendimoor.  Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency finished a tremendous season with a happy ending unlike season one.

Image result for runaways hulu episode 6I will say that I found this week’s Runaways fairly underwhelming after the last few weeks of awesomeness.  The kids were trying to get the video of their parents released out into the world but the party that they decided to do it at was some kind of big party for Prime.  We also got big bad Jonah who seems to be Karolina‘s real father.  We also saw Chase’s dad dropped Image result for runaways hulu episode 6 stan leefrom his brain tumor, but apparently cured by a unknown injection.  The standout of the episode was clearly the Stan Lee cameo as the limo driver.


Ten Days in the Valley, which I had watched on Sunday nights for the first four episodes, had then disappeared.  It reappeared here on Saturday night.  I haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, but it does not speak to the future of the show to have it pulled off Sunday nights, a big TV night, only to be dropped on the worst TV night, Saturday.

Image result for riverdale black hoodRiverdale seemingly killed the Black Hood vigilante this past week, but there is some question that this story was actually over.  The Black Hood was revealed to be the school janitor Joseph Svenson, but he had been eliminated as a suspect last episode and Archie still talks about his eyes.  Either way, Riverdale continues its homages to Twin Peaks as we get the Black Hood doing his best Killer Bob impersonation in one of Betty’s dreams.

Happy viewing

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