Top Network TV Shows of 2017

The next category of television we will be looking at will include the Network shows.  I have had less here than in past years, and there are many here that I have slowly faded out of my watching queue.  There are only so many hours in a day.

Still, there are some that I must see each and every week.

#10.  The Mayor (ABC).  Okay, so this is one that I have fallen behind again.  Each episode has had some familiarity to it and I have not caught up.  Still, it has appealing actors and a cute story to it.

#9.  Ghosted (FOX).  I have really liked this series, especially with the relationship between LeRoy and Max.  I wish the show had more time to expand on each episode’s story.  It should either have two part episodes or it should be an hour.  But so far, Ghosted has been very entertaining.

#8.  Scandal (ABC).  This is the final season for Scandal, and, unfortunately, they have turned the White Hat wearing Olivia Pope into a master villain, like dear old dad.  I assume the ending will be her eventual redemption, but, for me, it might be too late already.

#7.  Designated Survivor (ABC).  President Kirkman has had less conspiracy this season and more internal White House drama.  At times, the show is extremely solid, and other times it feels a tad fluffy.  Still, Kiefer Sutherland is always enjoyable.  But what about that final scene with Kirkman’s wife?

#6.  Speechless (ABC).  This comedy has been very consistent each week with a lot of laughs, some bad behavior, and a family who loves one another.  J.J. is allowed to be every bit as bad as his siblings can be and that is refreshing.

#5.  How to Get Away with Murder (ABC).  Holy crap, that mid season finale was intense.  Those scenes with Annalise desperately trying to save the newborn baby was insanity.  I was literally holding my breath the entire time until that cry came out over the black screen.  Amazing.

#4.  Whose Line is it Anyway (CW).  Improv continues to be fun and enjoyable as the best improvisation comedians on the planet show what they can do.  Colin, Ryan and Wayne are brilliant.  We also got a guest star of Chip Esten. Greta stuff.

#3.  Riverdale (CW).  Melodrama everywhere.  The first season was a creepy and extremely fun adaptation of  Archie and his friends.  It reminded some of Twin Peaks.  Season two has been a little less solid as the Black Hood storyline has stalled the season so far.  Hopefully, Riverdale can get back on track.

#2.  Gotham (FOX). Last year’s number one is still very high on my list.  I loved the Professor Pyg story that Gotham told this year (though I am not a fan of how it has seemingly ended) and you get compelling characters such as Penguin, Ed Nygma, Harvey Bullock etc.  Bruce Wayne needs a good spanking, but other than that… Gotham hits some serious heights.

Image result for agents of shield#1. Agents of SHIELD (ABC).  SHIELD reclaimed the number one show after we saw Ghost Rider, the LMD storyline, and this season’s trip into the future and space to battle the Kree.  AoS is well written and extremely witty every week and never fails to double down on the show’s strength… and that is the wonderful group of agents we love.  Friday night may not be a great night for SHIELD rating wise, but it still is the best show around.


Others: Once Upon a Time, Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon,

Worst show I watched:  Inhumans.

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