Pitch Perfect 3

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Pitch Perfect 1 was a huge surprise for me.  I had not intended on seeing it, but the fates got me to go and I really enjoyed it.  Pitch Perfect 2 was considerably down from the first one.

And now there is Pitch Perfect 3.

This one is terrible.  I really disliked almost everything about the film.

The only thing I liked about Pitch Perfect 3 was the songs.  They were, once again, a toe-tapping good time.

The story?  Non-existent.  The comedy?  Unfunny. I think I may have laughed once or twice, tops.  Characters?  Either surface level or repeated from previous installments.

How do you waste an appearance from Jon Lithgow?  How are the scenes starring Jon Lithgow the worst in your movie?  Who though DJ Khaled was an actor?

I struggled to stay in my seat for this one as I contemplated leaving the theater.  I stayed ’til the bitter end, though.

Why does there need to be explosions in a Pitch Perfect movie?  Those scenes seemed to be the wrong tone when we saw them in the trailer and they are just as out of place in the film.

Any time this film was not singing, there was just too much stupidity going around to care about anything.  When they were singing and dancing with lovely choreography, the film is watchable.  I liked the addition of the bands with their instruments (though the film introduced them and then left them completely out of the rest of the film), but there was just too much time spent being stupid than singing.

1.5 stars (because of the music)


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