Horror Movies- Best and Worst


2017 was a strong year in horror movies.  There were a few losers in there as well.  These are the Best and Worst Horror Movies of 2017


#1.  It.  This is the best horror movie of the year.  It will be one of the top movies all around.

Image result for it horror

#2.  Get Out.  Jordan Peele’s directorial debut was one of the best of the year.  It has a chance to be nominated for an Oscar.

#3.  Annabelle: Creation.  A sequel to a film that was terrible, turned out to be really well done.

#4.  Phoenix Forgotten.  A film that I liked way more than I thought I would.  It deals with the Phoenix lights seen in the sky by multiple people.  This was solid.

#5.  The Belko Experience.  Another film that was better than I thought it would be.  A group of people were trapped together in an office building and you have to determine who is going to die.

Good films, but not really horrorIt Comes at Night, A Ghost Story, Happy Death Day



#1.  The Bye Bye Man.  This guy shows up not only when you say his name, but when you think about him.  Really?  How does that work?  This one is truly bad and might be in consideration for the worst movie of the year.

Image result for bye bye man

#2.  Wish Upon.  A box that can grant wishes, but bad things happen when granted.  And this dumb girl keeps using it.  Ugh.

#3.  Flatliners.  A remake of a cult favorite, but the remake is just stupid.  Badly done.  Cardboard cutout characters.  Boring film.

#4.  Rings.  Another sequel that should have stayed away. This one was delayed several times and you can see why.

#5.  Friend Request.  A loner starts to hang out with a popular girl and then she posts horrible videos. The popular girl deletes her friend and the loner dies and kills everyone.  This made little or no sense.


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