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Here are some categories that cover the whole range of the television world.

Best Return:  Stranger Things 2.  There was certain concern over the return of this series because many believed that they could not match what they had done in season one.  Obviously, those people were wrong.

Show that Fell FlatInhumans, obviously. It was so bad that had it not been only eight episodes, I would have stopped watching it.  This is such a sad state for a classic group of heroes.

Shows that I forgot about, but loved:  Trial and Error.  Looking back over some of the other shows, I noticed this show starring John Lithgow that I really enjoyed, but missed in this review.  I also had forgotten Sherlock and that would have made some of the lists.  Sorry guys.   There is just so much TV to watch.

Best Reality Show:  Not a fan of any of these types of genre TV, so I’ll say America’s Got Talent since it has been pretty successful this season.

Best Podcast:  Top Ten Show.  John Rocha and Matt Knost set a topic each week and list their individual top 10 lists and then combine it into a show’s list.  There is a lot of great movie talk along the way and some really entertaining conversation.

Most Improved Show:  How to Get Away With Murder.  Not as much improved as it is finding itself again.  This past year this show really recovered from a weak second season to be a powerhouse once again.

Best Animated: Rick and Morty.  This one should have been an easy one to guess since Rick and Morty wound number at number one of the Cable shows.  This is just a funny show every time out.

Gone too soon:  TV Talk and TV Fights.  I talked about both already, but I want to state again that both shows really got the bum rush.  Bring them back!

Top 10 Late Night Hosts

#10.  Seth Myers

#9.  Samantha Bee

#8.  James Cordon

#7.  Jimmy Fallon

#6.  Jimmy Kimmell

#5.  Michael Che and Colin Jost

#4.  Trevor Noah

#3.  John Oliver

#2. Bill Maher

#1.  Stephen Colbert  Image result for stephen Colbert







Best Musical Episode:  Once Upon a Time, “The Song in Your Heart”.  This was so great.  I actually bought the soundtrack for my phone.  Favorite song:  “Revenge is Gonna Be Mine” by Captain Hook.

Best Show that I do not watch: Game of Thrones:  Some day maybe…

Shows that I stopped watching:  There are a bunch.  There are only so many hours in a day and when a show does not meet the minimum standard, it slips to the wayside.  These include:  Flash, Once Upon a Time, Future Man, Mr. Robot, Big Bang Theory.

Worst Return: Once Upon a Time.  After season six, everyone had a happy ending.  Why did you have to bring it back?  And if you were going to bring it back, why bury it on Friday?

Worst decision:  Having an Iron Fist series without going to K’un-Lun.  Going to K’un-Lun seems like a no-brainer.  Except for the NetFlix series Iron Fist.  Instead we get corporate business.

Favorite Online TV Talker:  David Griffin.  I miss David from the TV Talk days.  Sure he liked too much British TV, but he always had solid opinions to share and was calmer than Josh Macuga.

I tried, but…: The Handmaid’s Tale.  I tried to watch this, but I just could not get into it.



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