The John Carter Memorial Award

John Carter

Every year we have movies that just do not live up to the hopes and expectations of the studios, critics or fans.  For whatever reason, there are always movies competing for the John Carter Memorial Award, the flop of the year.

My industry standards, they consider a movie breaking even if it makes 2 and a half times its production budget.  Most of the films competing for the infamous John Carter Memorial Award do not come anywhere near that.

Previous winners:  John Carter, Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Lone Ranger, A Million Ways to Die in the West, Expendables 3, Jem and the Holograms, Pan, Rock the Casbah.

A movie can be considered in this category, and even win this category, and still be a great movie.  John Carter itself was not the worst movie that year.  Inflated budgets and poor marketing can be part of the reason a film flops.  Other reasons could include poor scheduling, bad word of mouth, bad critical reactions, too much competition, limited appeal, too many risks etc.

There are a bunch of runners-up for 2017.  I had almost given this award to Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets because of its massive budget.  But while it did not make money, the film had more oversea income than I thought it did.  That made me happy, because I liked Valerian.  I also liked Justice League but there is no denying that it was not what Warner Brothers had hoped.  It looks as if it will be finishing its original theatrical run making less money than Dr. Strange, and who would have guessed that?  Blade Runner 2049 was another film that was beautiful and well made only to be shunned by movie goers. Hard to make a $175 million dollar sequel to an original movie that also flopped at the box office only to become a cult classic.  There was Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell which was a failure all around.  The Dark Universe collapsed under the weight of the flop that was The Mummy.  Destroying a planned cinematic universe gave this movie some extra points in flop-i-tude.  Geostorm was one of those really stupid movies that you could have fun with by shutting down your brain, but they spent WAY TOO MUCH MONEY on it.  Then there was Just Getting Started, a horrible film starring Tommy Lee Jones and Morgan Freeman that, apparently, nobody knew was coming out.

However, none of these take the John Carter Memorial Award.  When looking at the numbers, this one is the clear “winner” of this award.  It made $148.7 worldwide on a $175 million dollar budget.  OUCH!  It was a terrible movie too.

The 2017 John Cater Memorial Award goes to….

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Image result for king arthur legend of the sword

Guy Ritchie had considered making this a six-part movie series.  I am guessing that there will not be much chance of seeing that happen.  Charlie Hunnam starred as Arthur.  The rest of this film was terrible and forgettable.  Audiences around the world rejected the bloated, retelling of a tale no one was demanding for.

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