The TV Week That Was


It is time for the TV Week That Was!  Welcome every one.

Image result for agents of shield season 5 episode 8Agents of SHIELD continues to have a fantastic season five.  I am not sure how a show that was a superhero/spy show can all of a sudden has become one of the best science fiction shows on television.  The return of Robin in the future brought some real emotional moments to the story, especially for May.  The team is preparing for the eventual return from the future in order to save the world from being destroyed.  I think there are some answers we will get, such as Quake not being responsible for the destruction of the earth.  We also are gearing up for the showdown between SHIELD and the Kree.  AoS has just been spectacular all year long and shows no sign of slowing down.

Image result for the trial of flash CWI took a chance to watch Flash this week.  I used to watch Flash regularly the first couple of seasons, but I lost interest as it seemed like every week was the same thing.  I did enjoy the characters and the actors so I figured I would give it another chance.  The trial of Flash was quite the disappointment.  There was nothing that happened that I didn’t expect would happen.  Despite having some opportunity to do something different, Flash just stuck with the old cliche of the super hero alter identity convicted and sent to prison.  Then, the villain of the week was one of the weakest I had seen.  I do have some hopes for Ralph Digby, as I have always been a fan of Elongated Man, but I am not sure that I will be sticking with this show long enough to see Ralph.

Image result for black lightningThe reason I was watching the Flash was because I wanted to see the debut of the CW’s newest super hero, Black Lightning.  This was much more like it.  Black Lightning was a very enjoyable first episode and I am looking forward to seeing episode two.  Black Lightning was in retirement and living happily with his family and as a local principal, Jefferson Pierce.  However, when his daughters get into serious trouble with local crime lord and gangs, Black Lightning had to come out of retirement.  The series explored several black issues, such as gangs and being pulled over by police officers, and it did it seriously and with intelligence.  It was not just checking the boxes.  It was speaking seriously about the problem.  So far, Black Lightning is full of promise.

Image result for scandal quinn is deadScandal returned this week with a very strong episode until the end.  We started it out believing that Rowan had shot and killed Quinn.  They then spent the whole episode mourning her and doing things they would do if Quinn was dead.  Huck had found evidence that he believed pointed toward Olivia as Quinn’s killer and his emotions pulled him apart throughout the entire show.  Huck was tremendous here.  Olivia was very good as well, truly playing off her guilt.  However, all of the emotion looks to be for naught as Charlie, who had been spiraling out of control, went to Rowan looking to get back to his old job as a killer.  And then he hears a baby crying.  He rushes in and there is a baby.  Is it his and Quinn?  Is she still alive.  I think so and that would waste all of the emotional beats of the episode.

Image result for how to get away with murder He's deadHow to Get Away With Murder returned as well this week with a very solid episode, but one that kind of reset the season for the second half.  No matter what they had done, though, it would have paled in comparison to that unbelievably dramatic mid-winter finale.  However, it did get things rolling with Jorge Castillo gaining control of the newborn, the Keating 5 finding out that Simon was not dead, and how Wes had left a voicemail message on Dominic’s phone. (?)  Dominic wound up dead at the hands of Frank too.  Lots of things happen and the gaps in the story from the first half get filled in.

Image result for riverdale betty's brotherRiverdale also returned this week, fresh off the dumping of the Black Hood storyline.  However, Archie is speculating that something did not feel right about it and it could be that we will be returning to that story before too long.  Could it be Betty’s long lost brother, Chick?  They brought Chick in from a couple of towns over and he does seem to be a little off.  Also this episode, the FBI approached Archie to do undercover work to spy on the Lodges in the weekly “how stupid can the cops be in Riverdale” situation.  Archie rightly asked the FBI agent about them talking to him (a high school student) without his parents present and the FBI guy said that they did that because they may suspect Archie’s dad as well.  Duh!  Plus, Southside High was closed down and the Serpents were sent to Riverdale High for some great gang shenanigans.  I have to say that season two of Riverdale ahs been a dramatic step down from season one.

Image result for patriots eaglesThe New England Patriots won the AFC Championship in a close battle with the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-20 to head to their second straight Super Bowl appearance and the 8th Super Bowl in the career of Tom Brady.  They will be playing the Philadelphia Eagles who, is currently playing, but crushing the Minnesota Vikings.  At the moment, the score is 38-7 in the 4th quarter.  The Patriots and Eagles will meet in the Super Bowl in Minnesota in two weeks.

Welcome back to Bill Maher, whose HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher returned from vacation this week and immediately found its voice in making jokes about the Trump Administration.  Maher’s guest included Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff.

Happy viewing

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