EYG Top Ten Paul Newman Movies


Well, here we are once again with the EYG Top 10 list following the Top 10 Show.  We took last week off since John and Matt did a Best of 2017 Show and I had already done that list.

During that time, I joined up with the Patreon for the show and I am happily donating to them.  I figure I can donate at this higher level for a little while and then drop down to something that fits the budget better.  I am happy to contribute to the week fun.

However, one of the other Patreons suggested Top 10 Paul Newman films and I knew I would be in trouble. I have not seen very many Paul Newman films.  In fact, it was easier compiling the Clint Eastwood list than this one would be.

I still listened to the podcast because I enjoy the pairing of John and Matt.  They are very funny and entertaining, discussing movies.  Even if it is a movie that I was unfamiliar with, it is great listening to these two discuss it.

But as I am scouring the IMDB page for Paul Newman, I realized that I was not going to be able to fill out a Top 10 list… so I made it Top 5.

The EYG Top 5 Paul Newman Movies

#5.  The Verdict.  Newman as a down on his luck, struggling lawyer who has taken his life and his honor in a different path is a strong story.  How he went from prestigious lawyer to ambulance chaser is a warning to all of us.



Image result for the color of money#4.  The Color of Money.  Not my favorite Tom Cruise movie, but I do like how we see Newman as a pool hustler, Fast Eddie Felson, returning from his iconic role in The Hustler.  Fast Eddie has become the old, wise mentor looking to pass his skill on to the younger one in Cruise.  This was a Martin Scorsese film as well.


Related image#3.  The Hustler.  Fast Eddie’s first appearance.  The story of a pool player who crashed and burned, losing all his money only to try to redeem himself.  What a cast this film had with Jackie Gleeson as Minnesota Fats, Piper Laurie and George C. Scott as well.



Image result for the Sting movie#2.  The Sting.  When you matched up Paul Newman with Robert Redford, you got magic.  This was one example. The pair got together to try and recoop loses in cards games with some real dangerous people, including crime lord Lonnegan played by Richard Shaw.


Image result for butch cassidy sundance kid jumping off cliff#1.  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  Another team up between Newman and Redford, creating some of the most iconic scenes of any movie.  The crooks on the run story was able to truly show off the skills of its two main leads.  This is based on two real life characters.


Looking at the list of movies Paul Newman starred in, it surprised me how few of the movies I had actually seen.  I know some by name, such as Cool Hand Luke and The Drowning Pool, but I have never seen them, or, if I had seen them, it was so long ago that I do not remember.  This would be a hole in my game if I were ever involved in the Schmoedown.

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