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There will be spoilers in this article for the 2017 Movie Trivia Schmoedown Awards Show so if you have not yet seen it, please give yourself a treat, go watch it, and then come back.


One of the most consistently entertaining program on YouTube is the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, on Collider Video.  The brainchild for the series came from creators Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis, known collectively as The Schmoes.  They have created a movie trivia league using the backstage concepts and storylines like that of the WWE and UFC.

The show is currently in its off season with season five scheduled to begin on Friday, February 2nd with a triple threat number one contenders match between Rachel Cushing, JTE and Mike Kalinowski for the right to take on Movie Trivia Schmoedown Champion Samm Levine.

But that is in the future.  Today, Collider dropped a video dedicated to the past, the past year that is.  They gave us an awards show, the 2017 Movie Trivia Schmoedown Awards.

ModokA list of categories were voted on by members of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Facebook page.  I am unsure if this was the sole voting or if there were more included.

The show was a spoof on the award shows as well.  There were some pre-show interviews with several of the competitors and presenters.  Collider writer and on-screen personality, Perri Nemiroff handling the interviews.  The highlight was clearly the hat shaped like a hand worn by Grae Drake from team Modok, who presented an award later in the show.

babycarrotsIt started with a monologue from host Mark Ellis, and he roasted several of the competitors with his funny zings.  Ellis is a stand up comedian who has great timing and a sharp wit and his monologue was vastly entertaining…almost as entertaining as the orange suit he was wearing.  The audience was filled with a large group of the members of the league as well as some notable podcasters and actors.

They presented a series of awards through the 2 and a half + hour show.  Those awards include the following:

Singles Entrance of the Year:  Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing, “Lord of the Rings”

Team Entrance of the Year:  The Wolves of Steel, “It movie”

Innergeekdom/Star Wars Player of the Year: Jason “Justice” Inman

Upset of the Year:  Late to the Party defeated Critically Acclaimed.

Podcast/Aftershow of the Year:  Schmoedown Rundown

Manager of the Year: Tom Dagnino of the Lion’s Den

Heel Team of the Year:  Team Action

Team Babyface of the Year:  Above the Line

Heel of the Year:  Tom Dagnino

Babyface of the Year: Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing

The Yodi Award:  Mark “Yodi” Reilly

Celebrity Match of the Year:  The It Losers Club match

Rookie Team of the Year: Above the Line

Singles Rookie of the Year: Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing

Comeback Player of the Year: JTE

Moment of the Year:  Marc Andreyko cleared the table at the Free 4 All.

Match of the Year:  Sam Witwer vs. Ken Napzok, Star Wars Iron Man Match

Team of the Year:  The Patriots

Singles Player of the Year: Samm Levine

Overall Player of the Year: Samm Levine


babyfaceRachel Cushing was a highlight of the night for sure.  Everybody expected her to win the Rookie of the Year, because she was clearly the standout of the group (heck Lon Harris was in the category with only one game played).  However, she also won the singles entrance of the year and the Babyface of the Year.  According to the presenter Ken Napzok, “the term ‘babyface’ comes from the great American art form of professional wrestling.  It is a term that describes the people that connect with the audience, that inspire the audience, that chase their dreams and chase down gold.”  Rachel cemented this position late in 2017 napzokwhen Napzok himself turned on her and left her to face the team of Blofeld’s Cat by herself.  The Crusher nearly pulled the upset in the handicap match.  That match took Rachel to another level.  She is not yet a champion, but I cannot believe that she won’t hold some championship in 2018.


inmemorumThey ran an In Memoriam section, again as a spoof of the award show.  This section is presented by Screen Junkie Hal Rudnick, dressed in black.  Rudnick was hilarious here, talking about the things we will never hear about again… including no one talking about their podcasts, uploading spoiler free reviews, getting their opinions on a still photograph, and whose Loot Crate mash up Tees we’ll never see again.  They then rolled a clip video featuring mainly teams that have been broken up (Megapowers, Etc, Six Degrees, Nerd Watch), teams who have changed their team name (Modok, IGN), and other fun things such as JTE’s Losing Streak, Fantasy Updates, Finstock, the old wheel and ending with the Dark Universe.  Solute those fallen warriors!

jaywashJay Washington presenting the Moment of the Year (with Stacy Howard), after losing several awards himself showed his talent at the mike.  A former pro wrestler, Jay Washington is very comfortable doing the promos, and this was one of the best speaking moments of the show.  Jay has slowly began getting more air time and he is delivering entertainment each time.  Jay Washington could be one of the break out stars of the next year because he knows how to create, sustain and develop a character.

nocomebackJTE was full of vinegar this year.  After he won the Comeback Player of the Year Award, he threw it down to the ground, claiming that the award would only remind him of the bad year.  He said that all his losses were really close and that he was not a loser.  Following this, JTE was as arrogant as you could be when the Patriots won the Team of the Year.  As JTE said, “We sammlevinesingleplayerwon, big f***ing surprise.”  JTE was then announced by “The Outlaw” John Rocha as the winner of the Singles Player of the Year, but (spoofing the La La Land incident from last year) it was actually Samm Levine who won.  Then, when Samm Levine won the Overall Player of the Year, JTE raged about the unfairness of the situation.

realwildberriesThe Wildberries made some great appearances in the awards show.  This fairly new team looks to be a huge team in the upcoming year.  Here, they presented the celebrity match of the year (The It Losers Club) and they spent several minutes yelling about everything.  They were really funny and these two seem to really be embracing these characters.

KoMissMoviesThere are some moments here that are being teased for season five.  You can see some of the new characters (such as Lon Harris) beginning to see some screen time.  Perhaps the biggest storyline was hinted at with Mike “K.O.” Kalinowski and “Miss Movies” Brianne Chandler arriving together after leaving the Schmoedown Spectacular 2 together.  There was nothing new presented, but it is clear this will be a major storyline moving forward.

dagninoOh, and Tom Dagnino is gold.  Evil gold, but gold, nonetheless.

The Movie Trivia Schmoedown continues to increase its brand and improve each year.  2018 looks to be the best year yet.  Congrats to the entire crew over at Collider for presenting such an intriguing and enjoyable program.




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