Moulin Rouge (2001)

Next up… something to cry over.  My favorite musical of all time…Moulin Rogue.

When this was first out, I had no interest in seeing it.  It was up for Academy Awards and people were raving about it, but it just did not interest me.

How wrong I was.

Moulin Rouge is a beautiful story of love and loss that is mixed with some of the best acting and some of the best music you are ever going to get.

The music was special here.  Being a “jukebox” musical, Moulin Rouge features a compilation of music besides just original songs.  And the music is incorporated in this film so perfectly.  Songs such as Elton John’s Your Song, Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend and the Police’s Roxanne are woven into the tapestry of the story.  The Elephant Medley included such a variety of artists as The Beatles, Kiss, Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warrens.  The music was intricate and vital to the story.  There were also original songs for the movie as well, including the “lover’s secret song” Come What May.

Christian (Ewan McGregor)is a penniless writer who falls for the beautiful courtesan Satine (Nicole Kidman) at the French night club/bordello the Moulin Rouge.  Unfortunately, Satine is supposed to be seducing a wealthy Duke (Richard Roxburgh) looking for backing for the ultimate Bohemian play.  When Christian is mistaken for the Duke, he and Satine fall magically in love, putting the entire production in jeopardy.

McGregor and Kidman are brilliant in this movie.  They have chemistry dripping off of them in every scene they share.  You buy them together and you invest in their love.  The challenges they face only serve to make the audience all the more invested.  And they both showed that they could sing.

The color of the movie was wonderful to watch and created an environment that fit the time of the Bohemian revolution in Paris.

The final act of Moulin Rouge is as strong and as emotional of an ending as you are going to get.  It truly is a special film that will not fail to rip your heart out  while reinforcing your belief in an all-encompassing love.

Moulin Rouge, as it says, is a story of love.


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