The Fugitive (1993)

The final of the Snowy Saturday movie binge is one of my favorite movies of all time and probably my favorite Harrison Ford movie where he is not named Han or Indy.

The Fugitive was based on a old television program where the character Dr. Richard Kimble was arrested, charged and convicted for his wife’s murder despite his consistent claim that she had been murdered by a one armed man.  In our movie, Kimble (Harrison Ford) was able to escape after the bus he was on wrecked.  Instead of heading for the hills, Kimble remained in Chicago and began his own investigation.  All the while, enigmatic U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones) arrived on the scene and was on Kimble’s heels the entire time.

The best part of this is that Kimble wasn’t a huge action guy.  He was a doctor.  A man who was really smart and who showed off his intelligence by being able to avoid arrest while still finding his way through Cook County Hospital among other locations in Chi-Town despite being pursued and watched for.  I love a protagonist who uses his brains to get through life.

Another great trait of Dr. Kimble was how much he was sworn to protect human life.  Even after he became the fugitive and was concerned with keeping himself free, any time he needed to, he paused to help someone in need.  The guard on the bus, the boy in the hospital, even the police officer who gets shot, Richard stops to check on or go out of his way to help these people.  That is a heroic trait that I admire from this character.

Both Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones are at the top of their games in this movie.  Jones won an Oscar for this role that was also spun off into his own (much less interesting) film called US Marshals.

I remember seeing this movie the first time in the theaters and being totally on the edge of my seat.  I wanted Kimble to succeed but there were so many times that it seemed as if he had no chance of getting away.  The suspense created by this script and the wonderfully played characters really provided great tension.

The Fugitive is a fun, exciting, suspenseful movie that moves quickly and boasts two of the powerhouses of movies.  It is one of the best straight action movies you are going to see because it is more than just action.  It is action with intelligence.



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