EYG Top 10 Technological Dystopian Future Movies


Happy Top 10 day y’all.

This week’s list from the Top 10 Show features the top 10 technological Dystopian Future movies.  This is an intriguing category, but it took some specifics because there have been a lot of dystopian future movies.

First, I eliminated any film that was in space or with aliens.  So films like The Fifth Element, Serenity and District 9 are out.  Then I wanted to eliminate films that have time travel and the characters spend most of their time in the past trying to prevent the dangerous future which takes out the Terminator movies, 12 Monkeys, Looper (plus, we just did time travel movies last week).

And, of course, there has to be some remaining technology in the future, taking out films like I Am Legend and the Mad Max films.

So that leaves these ten movies (and a few honorary mentions).

Top 10 Technological Dystopian Future movies

#10.  Minority Report.  Can I be honest.  I remember watching this film and really liking it, but I have not seen it in years and I cannot recall much of anything about it.  I know that Tom Cruise is in this movie, but I am not sure about much else.  This is one that I need to re-watch because,as I said, i do remember liking the film.


#9.  The Running Man.  Arnold Schwarzenegger stars, but, of course, I am much more of a fan of Jesse “The Body” Ventura, who is in this film.  I also would say that I am a big fan of Richard Dawson and I was surprised how much of a great villain Dawson makes.  The dangerous game show idea was way before its time.


#8.  The Lobster.  This one made Matt’s list and he reminded me about this film.  I saw it in the theater and it was really a creative and clever film.  Colin Farrell is great here as the man who is off to the place where he will either fall in love or be turned into an animal. An unexpectedly weird and enjoyable film.


#7.  Demolition Man.  One of the better of the Stallone films of the time and the great performance of the villain Wesley Snipes.  Stallone is thawed out of prison cold storage (literally) to try and match up with Snipes’s crazy and violent villain.  Yes, this is seriously cheesy, but it was a lot of fun as well.  Jesse Ventura is here a well.


#6.  Snowpiercer.  Chris Evans has a great performance here in this dystopian future inside a train that never stops.  The entire world’s ecosystem is found on the train and the movie is another example of class in movies.  The poor people live in the back of the train.  The wealthy near the front.  Chris Evans leads the revolt and finds some surprises along the way.


#5.  Dredd.  After the failure of Judge Dredd, I had little expectations for this new version, starring Karl Urban.  It turned out to be so much better than I ever thought it would be.  The story took place isolated inside this futuristic apartment building and made me care about this character that I had no connection to ever before.


#4.  Blade Runner 2049.  The sequel to Blade Runner was a truly beautiful film. It featured some strong performances, including a great return from Harrison Ford.  I was never a huge fan the original, but I did not hate it so I was looking forward to 2049.  The cinematography was magnificent.   Ryan Gosling has a great role as the new lead of the film.  Dave Bautista has a small but very strong role in the film as well.


#3.  The Matrix.  Keanu Reeves is The One.  The Matrix features great action, a remarkable villain in Agent Smith, great secondary characters, an extremely creative storyline, and ABSOLUTELY NO SEQUELS (wink…wink…).  The film has so many iconic moments, such as “there is no spoon”, the helicopter on the roof, and that remarkable fight at the end of the film.


#2.  Edge of Tomorrow.  This might be a cheat on the list, because of the aliens thing, but this is so good that I will make the exception.  Tom Cruise does so much more in this movie than just be the science fiction version of Groundhog Day.  Emily Blunt was such a kick ass character that you really believe is the hero of this world.


#1.  V for Vendetta.  Verily.  Victorious.  V for Vendetta is based on a classic comic book by Alan Moore (though he did not love this film version).  V for Vendetta has a dystopian future of England and V returns with the Guy Fawkes mask to shake up the empire.  The story is great and this is probably my favorite performance from Natalie Portman.  Hugo Weaving beneath the mask of V is near perfect.  I loved the finish of the movie as well.  V for Vendetta is a classic.


Honorable mentionsBlade Runner, Robocop, I, Robot, The Giver

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