Best F[r]iends

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Building on the cult classic status of The Room and the recent success of James Franco’s film based on the making of that film, The Disaster Artist, stars and creators of The Room are back together for the first time since.

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero, who were Johnny and Mark respectfully in The Room, bring their “acting” chops to Best F[r]iends, a weird and eccentric movie that goes all over the place incoherently while displaying the idiosyncrasies of the one and only Tommy Wiseau.

Oh, and it is Part 1.  Part 2 comes out in June.

Greg Sestaro plays Jon, a drifter who shows up with blood on his shirt (never explained, by the way) and a lemon in his pocket.  He winds up crossing paths with an eccentric mortician who makes masks for corpses that have been scarred in their deaths.  He also apparently pulls out their gold teeth to store in his back room.  Jon realizes that he could make some money selling those gold teeth as dental scrap and steals some from his new best friend.

Okay, that’s as much of the plot that I am going to explain (mainly because I am not sure what else happened).  This is nowhere as bad as The Room, however, it is nowhere as fun as The Room was either.  Sure, this new movie has moments of Tommy Wiseau that are vintage Tommy Wiseau, but there seems to be more of an attempt to string together something of a story here. Perhaps the fact that Tommy Wiseau was not directing this helped (directorial duties fell to Justin MacGregor).

These characters changed motivations and personalities from scene to scene…sometimes within a scene even.  In particular, Wiseau’s Harvey was wildly inconsistent in his character choices and thoughts.  The film starts many different potential storylines but drop them just as quickly.

It really made little sense and unfortunately was just not as humor-inducingly bad as The Room.

However, Tommy Wiseau does say, “Oh, hi Jon.”

What more could you want?

1 star

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