Taxi Driver (1976)

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One of the benefits of having these Memorial Day Movie Binge Watch Weekends is that it gives me a chance to fill those holes that might exist within my movie viewing.  One of those holes for me is the Martin Scorsese’s classic, Taxi Driver.

I had never seem Taxi Driver, but, of course, I am familiar with the iconic moments (“You lookin’ at me?”).  However, I was unaware of exactly what the story would be or even the general style and tone of the film.

Travis Bickle (Robert DeNiro) is a former Marine suffering from insomnia gets a job as a New York taxi driver where he realizes how much the scum and lowlifes have corrupted the city and, with his mental imbalance, starts plotting on ways to get involved.

Robert DeNiro is brilliant as the mentally unstable vet who seems to have a streak of decency inside him.  I was surprised that Cybill Shepherd was in the film as a beautiful blonde who works for a presidential candidate.  She was one of my favorites from Moonlighting, a TV show from the 1980s.

Taxi Driver explores what causes someone to snap.  Bickle was clearly already not right, but the weight of the world around him slowly sent him to the side of violence despite wanting to be good.

A great movie with a terrific performance.  I am glad I finally got the opportunity to see it.


Image result for taxi driver movie poster

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