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Who knew a documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsburg would be so darn entertaining?

RBG is a documentary focusing on the life and career of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, showing the 84 year old woman in a light you might not have expected.

Quiet and serious, Ginsburg has become a champion of women’s rights, anti-bigotry in all of its shades, gender discrimination and a dissenting opinion on a Supreme Court that has moved in a much more conservative direction since her nomination by President Bill Clinton.

And yet, she has also become a pop culture icon as the Notorious RBG, with t-shirts and tattoos displaying her likeness while Kate McKinnon portrays her on SNL.

By the way, easily my favorite part of this entire documentary was when they showed Ginsburg the clips of McKinnon at the Weekend Update desk portraying Ginsburg and given another “Gins-BURN!”  There was just something epic about Ruth Bader Ginsburg laughing and giggling at the clip.  Each time they showed her laughing, I got a big smile on my face.  She found the imitation funny, though RBG admitted that McKinnon’s impersonation was nothing like her.

The documentary also told a great story about RBG’s husband, Martin Ginsburg, and placed him as the most supportive husband ever.  Everything that had to do with Ruth and Martin was just tremendously awesome and loving.  I could have heard much more about them together.  It is great that these people who seem to be opposites in many way were able to find one another and to have such a happy life.

And such an inspiring story.  When I saw her working out, doing things that I am not sure I could do any more, I have to say I was amazed.  She was doing those planks like a damn pro.  The film does a great job of showing us the glimpse inside the icon, and showing us what is inside the woman who is such a force on the bench.

I was surprised how much I truly enjoyed this movie.  I thought it might be a little dull, but I never once felt that I wasn’t completely engaged and drawn into the story being presented of a woman about whom I knew very little.

4 stars

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