Upgrade Movie Poster

I have been dealing with a nagging cough, and, unfortunately, that might have colored my thoughts on the new science fiction film, Upgrade.  It was okay, but I had heard a lot of real positives about the film and it felt like a B-grade sci-fi film with a very good ending.

In a near future world, Grey Trace (Logan Marshall-Green) winds up paralyzed after a mugging where his wife winds up murdered.  However, Grey had just met a man named Eron (Harrison Gilbertson) who has a piece of technology called Stem that would allow Grey to walk again.  What Grey did not know was that Stem (voiced by Simon Maiden) would begin talking to him inside his head and was able to get Grey to do things he could not do before.

This revenge movie is pretty typical of the genre.  Grey, with his new skills and abilities, takes off to find and kill the people who were responsible for the murder of his wife.  None of that is new.  The technology in his head talking to him reminds one of Jarvis from the Iron Man movies.  Stem being able to control his arms is similar to Hardcore Henry.  As I said, there is not a ton of new here.

Yet, Logan Marshall-Green does a very good job as Grey, the angry man who struggles with his conscience for the violence against these people and the questionable manner in which he and Stem go about their mission.  There was some real emotional depth to the violence, which was brutal at times, in the scenes.

Without spoiling it, I did enjoy the very end scene.  I had not seen it coming and I liked where it was going to take the film. It was an ending that then made you reconsider what you had seen up to it, and that kind of situation is always welcomed.

However, up to that point, much of the film felt predictable and even a little dull.  It did feel long, despite it only being in the 96 minute range, but that could be because of the cough that I was struggling with.  I would not be opposed to seeing Upgrade again when I was in a more healthy state.  For now, it was a decent B-movie feeling flick with a solid performance and some distinctly horror-like images.  The ending was very strong and helped reinvigorate the film from a fairly run of the mill beginning.

3.2 stars



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