Bull Durham (1988)

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There have been some great movies about baseball, and Bull Durham, starring Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon, is one of them.

Kevin Costner is “Crash” Davis, a long time minor league catcher brought into the Durham Bulls to mentor a young pitching prospect, Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh (Tim Robbins).  Susan Sarandon plays Annie Savoy, a metaphysical baseball fan who picks out one player each season to have an affair with so she could pass along her odd theories on the game such as breathing through the eyes.

Annie chooses Nuke to be her lover, but she realizes that she is actually attracted to Crash.

Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon have chemistry off the charts and their dialogue is some of the best written in any sports movie.  Sarandon and Robbins actually met during the filming of this movie and they wound up getting married.

Baseball is a character in this movie as well as there are some great scenes involving the sport and how the players should play the game properly.  Annie makes a connection between baseball and sex and the film seems to embrace that idea.

There is a real love of the game in Bull Durham and writer/director Ron Shelton had had a career in minor league baseball at one point.  There was so much humor and reverence about the game, it was clear that baseball was an important part of his life.

Bull Durham is a great film featuring three wonderful performances from the three lead actors.  It has held up over the years and should be priority viewing for any player who loves the game of baseball.


Image result for bull durham movie poster

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