LOST S1 E5 “White Rabbit”

Episode 5 of the first season of LOST became a Jack-centric episode and we get our first example of what would become a long time running theme:  Man of science vs. man of faith.

Jack has been seeing things for an episode or two.  Not just things, but his dead father, Christian.  Understandably confused, Jack takes off into the jungle to try and find out what is going on.

Unfortunately, this comes at a time when the camp’s water supply is quickly running out and the group is beginning to panic.  With Jack gone, the group was not sure of who to look to for answers.  John offers to head into the jungle to see if he could find water.

Locke does not find water.  Instead, he finds Jack dangling off a cliff.  After pulling him to safety, John and Jack engaged in the first of many philosophical discussions which always punctuated their relationship.  At this point, they seem as if they could be friends, but we know how that turns out.

Jack’s hero complex is on display several times here as is his guilt over being unable to save everyone.  His father had told Jack as a child that he did not have what it took to be a doctor and deal with the failure of losing a patient.  It is clear that Jack is having plenty problems with guilt over his actions.  One of those actions is the reason why Christian took off to Australia.  While we do not know it yet, Jack’s mother specifically told Jack that it was his fault for his father leaving to the down under.

Jack returned to the beach after finding water and delivers the iconic speech that ends with the classic line, “If we don’t learn to live together, we’re gonna die alone.”  This is another major theme of LOST that is developed through the entire season.

Another major theme that we see here for the first time is “Daddy Issues.”  Jack is the first one we know of with the troublesome father, but plenty of other characters on LOST have the same deal.

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