LOST S1 E6 “House of the Rising Sun”

Image result for lost house of the rising sun

We got our first look at the marriage of Jin and Sun in this episode, entitled “House of the Rising Sun.”  The episode begins with Jin brutally attacking Michael for apparently no reason.  Jin was reacting to a watch that belonged to Sun’s father, a watch that Michael had found on the beach.  Jin assumed Michael stole it and reacted violently.

The flashbacks introduced us to Jin and Sun in love and hoping to convince her father that they should be married.  Sun did not believe her father would do this, but Jin convinced him.  How was not revealed yet, outside of Jin agreeing to work for Sun’s father.

We do not know anything for sure yet, but one particular scene with a blood covered Jin makes us infer that Sun’s father was not a nice person.  Jin working for him was pulling Sun away from him and she planned on sneaking away from them before they loaded the Oceanic 815 flight that was fated to crash on the island.  However, Sun changed her mind prior to leaving and stayed with Jin.  This showed how deep their relationship was despite the troubles they were facing.

And… we discovered that Sun could speak English!  And Jin did not know.

Jack decided that it would be smart for the survivors to move from the beach and take up residence in the caves where they had found the fresh water.  Many of the survivors disagreed and the camp split into two groups.

Meanwhile, Locke realized that Charlie was a drug addict and he approached the former Drive Shaft member with a proposition.  Locke said that the Island would provide for him if he did something for the Island.  Locke wanted Charlie to give up his drugs and the Island would return his guitar.  Charlie gave Locke the bag of drugs he had and Locke pointed out that Charlie’s guitar case was above them.

I had never been a fan of the Jin-Sun-centric episodes since they were in Korean and that meant that I had to follow along with the subtitles.  Still, the story develops extremely well over the years.  At this point, I did not understand why Sun chose to stay with Jin, because he was being shown as such a rotten man, foul tempered and controlling.  But once we learned more about these two, we would fall in love with the always separated couple.


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