LOST S1 E11 “All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues”

This Jack-centric episode ended with one of the most intense moments from the show yet.  I remember watching the episode for the first time and really thinking that Charlie was dead.

Jack, Locke, Kate and Boone take off after Ethan, who had taken Charlie and Claire captive, dragging them through the jungle.  Jack’s obsessive desire to be a hero was compounded by his guilt over the fact that he did not believe Claire when she claimed that she had been attacked at the caves.  Jack was going to find Charlie and Claire and no one was going to stop him.

This is just one more example of Jack and his hotheadedness.  Doing this rewatch, I think it is apparent that Jack’s own behavior is what really drove Kate into the arms of Sawyer.

We also discovered that Jack had turned in his father Christian for operating under the influence of alcohol during a surgery where the patient died.  This was what Jack had done to his father that his mother alluded to in the previous Jack-centric episode which sent Christian running off to Australia.

The other major event that happened at the end of the show was Locke and Boone’s accidentally finding the Hatch which becomes John’s own obsession for the remainder of the season.

The scene with Charlie hanging from the tree is one of the most dramatic and tense scenes from the first season.  From when Kate and Jack cut him down to when Jack was pounding on his chest, the scene was very well done.  It was very emotional and, as I said it, I could not believe what I was seeing.  You can feel the anguish from Jack and Kate as they raged and cried over the fallen Charlie.

And when Jack paused and the camera zoomed out, it really felt like Charlie was dead.  Jack’s resuming of CPR was very feral.  Then, when Charlie came around, the joy in their faces were perfect.

I felt for Charlie, who had to face the fact that Ethan took Claire and Charlie failed to protect her as he said he would do.

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