LOST S1 E10 “Raised By Another”

This episode, along with the previous one, started to dive into the mysteries and the mythology of the Island, and this one focused on Claire.

Watching this with the knowledge of what was to come, this feels like a storyline that was dropped or changed by the people in charge and, if I were to say there was one character who was shorted in LOST, Claire would be the one.

We see Claire’s flashbacks to when she discovered she was pregnant.  She was not thrilled but her boyfriend Thomas convinced her to give it a try.  However, that little weasel only made it about three months before he took off.  I do not think he ever returned to the show in anyone else’s flashback either.  Thomas was quite the loser.

Claire and a friend had gone to a psychic named Richard Malkin who seemed to have a terrible reaction to Claire’s future.  He refused to continue the reading.  After Thomas left, Claire went back and asked him to finish the reading.  He had said he reacted poorly the last time because he saw something “blurry.”

This time, Malkin insisted that Claire be the one who raised the baby.  He said there would be “great danger” if anyone else raised the child.  Claire was freaked out by him, but he would not stop. He would call Claire in the middle of the night to try to convince her not to put the baby up for adoption.

When Claire discovered that she could not give up the baby, she went back to Malkin looking for help.  He told her that he had set up a nice couple in LA that could raise the child without any dangers, but Claire had to go tomorrow.  He got her a seat on Oceanic 815.  After hearing the story, Charlie wondered if Malkin knew the plane was going to crash and if he did this so Claire would have to raise the baby.

The problem is… later on in the series, we return to Malkin during a Mr. Eko flashback and he admits to being a fraud.  So, if was not a real psychic, what was all of this Claire stuff?

I personally believe that the show made a change in the plans for the baby (who would be named Aaron).  Maybe there was some contractual issues, because Claire would disappear for quite a time during the show’s run.  Her development does not feel as if that was what the writers had originally intended.  And truthfully, Aaron does become more important of a character in LOST than Claire was, but not with the strange, impending danger foretold by the psychic.

This episode also showed us the first “Other” on the Island.  Ethan Rom, who popped up an episode ago, was revealed to not have been on the plane (thanks to Hurley and his Census).  Ethan had “attacked” Claire in her sleep and tried to do something with the baby, but Jack believed that Claire had dreamed this.

The very end of the episode featured Ethan standing in the jungle in font of Claire and Charlie in one of the creepiest moments of season one.  The Others storyline was brilliantly woven into the series to provide a human challenge/danger for the survivors to deal with.  It was revealed wonderfully by Sayid, who returned to the camp after his interactions with Danielle, saying “We are not alone.”

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