LOST S1 E12 “Whatever the Case May Be”

The twelfth episode of LOST focused on Kate and her attempt to retrieve a briefcase that She and Sawyer discovered while swimming in a pond.

The story was a bit of an excuse to look closer at the character of Kate, as most of the episode is dedicated to her.

Kate is quite the contradiction among the survivors because we know that she was the fugitive that was being escorted back to the US by Marshal Edward Mars.  Mars constantly warned Jack and us, the audience, how dangerous Kate was, yet we had no idea why Kate was being so dauntingly pursued by him.

Then, Kate is shown on the Island as an extremely likable, competent and friendly person.  She hit it off immediately with Jack and she is regularly shown as one of the top heroes on the show.  We got a definite switch in what we have seen with Kate during this episode as the liar and sneak came out strong in an attempt to get this briefcase back from Sawyer.  This is the first time on the Island where we see the type of person Kate could really be.

In the flashback, we see how Kate was involved in a bank robbery with a group of men, calling herself “Maggie.”  The robbery, for Kate, was all just a way to get into a safety deposit box that was in the bank.  Kate shows off some real bad ass skills and some coldness when things came down to what she wanted.

Yet, she was still contradictory because she refused to allow the other bank robbers to do anything to hurt the bank manager, going as far as shooting them to keep the bank manager safe.

Back on the Island, Jack has started to get wise to Kate’s lies and her deceptions.  Kate had told Jack that the key to the case was in Mars’ wallet, so they had to dig up the body and find it.  However, the key was not in the wallet.  Jack saw through Kate’s attempt at sleight of hand, and caught her with the key.

In the end, getting the case back from Sawyer (where Jack pulled some darkness of his own in what was most likely a bluff), they opened it up and there was a toy airplane inside (along with guns and ammo).  The airplane is what Kate wanted and, when pressed by Jack, Kate admitted that it belonged to the man that she loved and killed.  She broke down in tears after this, but Jack was not comforting her at all.  Jack most likely was still not sure what, if anything, she said was true and what was a lie.

Trying to make sense of the Kate that we know compared to what is being told to us is fascinating, and Evangeline Lily does a remarkable job of playing the character.  She is effervescent and gorgeous while still showing off how bad ass she can be.

By the way, Sawyer trying to break into the Halliburton case was very funny.  I loved the little scene of Michael and Hurley laughing at Sawyer’s attempt to pick the lock.  Again, it was little moments like this that really solidified this as a great show.

Other things that happened besides the Kate specific stuff included Sayid asking Shannon to translate from French some of the writing on the maps that Danielle had written.  This still played into Shannon’s overall feelings of being worthless, something that Boone is continuing to tell her.  Obviously, these comments are hitting home on Shannon even though I do not think that Boone realizes how much they hurt her.  Eventually, Shannon went back to Sayid and told him that she recognized what was written as a song “La Mer” from an animated movie she watched while in France.

The other bit included a very sweet interaction between Charlie, still suffering from nearly dying last episode by hanging, and Rose, who called Charlie out on his depression.  Charlie’s pain and frustration over being unable to protect Clair really is emotionally powerful in the little screen time it is given.  I felt myself tearing up a couple of times as Charlie recounted his pain.

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