LOST S1 E13 “Hearts and Minds”

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Boone and Shannon pulled the old “Greg and Marcia Brady” in LOST episode 13 of the first season.

In one of the creepier (and not in a good way) episodes, we discover some tidbits about Shannon and Boone. For one, the are actually STEP- brother and sister. They are not related by blood, but that does not make the fact that they spend the night prior to boarding Oceanic Flight 815 having sex with each other any less weird.

Boone, who had been helping Locke excavate the Hatch, wanted to tell Shannon what they were doing and, because of that, Locke tied him up and drugged him so Boone would go on a vision quest allowing him to learn how to grow and continue to survive on the Island.

The vision quest led to Boone imagining that he had seen Shannon killed by the Monster.

When this first aired, I had sussed out the fact that this was an illusion to Boone and I was right about how Locke drugged Boone with the paste he put on the head injury.  When Shannon was killed in the episode, I knew that it wasn’t real.  Ironically, at the time, I remember thinking how TV shows did not kill off main characters and that Shannon was a main character.  Of course, Boone dies just a few episodes later.

This episode does make us wonder about the motives of John Locke.  He looks to be a darker force than we had seen him before.  When Charlie says that the one person he would put his faith in to save us all was John Locke, that was meant to be a statement that the audience found contradictory.  There is more effective character development in this episode fro John Locke than for Boone.

There were some things that we saw in “Hearts and Minds” that would become staples of LOST movie forward.

  •  This was the first time when our main survivors are shown to have crossed paths prior to the Island as Sawyer is shown being arrested in Sydney while Boone is reporting Shannon’s boyfriend to the police.  Many characters are shown to cross paths outside the airport/airplane as the seasons progress.


  • Kate became the second person to discover the truth of Sun being able to speak English.  Sun is also shown in her garden, which becomes more important as the series goes on.


  • Sayid discovers the magnetic anomaly that messes up the compass.  Sayid dismissed it as a broken compass, but we know this is a major piece of the story moving ahead.


  • The Sayid – Shannon relationship started to pick up as well.


There was a hilarious scene between Hurley and Jin where Hurley is trying to catch some fish, but steps on a sea urchin.  Hurley panicking and begging Jin to pee on his foot as he points to Jin’s crotch area as Jin is desperately confused is one of the funniest things we have had on the show up until this point.

This was one of the season’s weakest episodes so far and it shows that Boone and Shannon were not as beloved as many of the other survivors on the Island.  Neither of these characters would last for too much longer.


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