LOST S1 E15 “Homecoming”

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To me, this episode of LOST was a tale of two parts. The Island material was tense and taut and full of excitement while the flashback felt like a waste of time and a distraction.

Ethan returned, cornering Charlie in the jungle and demanding that Charlie return Claire to him.  Ethan stated that if he did not return Claire, that Ethan would kill somebody in their camp each and ever night that she was not brought back to him.

This clearly caused tension among the group, with the survivors setting up a perimeter with guards posted to keep watch.  However, that did not keep Ethan out as he was able to enter their camp on the beach via the water and kill Scott (not Steve).

Meanwhile, flashbacks looked at Charlie, between gigs as Drive Shaft, trying to find a girl he could steal from to fund the heroin addiction.  However, Charlie fell for a girl named Lucy, and tried to make it work by getting a real job.  As I said, not as compelling as the Island adventure.

Jack broke out the guns from the Marshal’s case and he, Sayid, Kate, Sawyer and John set up a plan to capture Ethan.  They needed bait… and that would be Claire.

‘And the trap works, with Jack being able to subdue Ethan in a fight while the others surrounded them.  Unfortunately, before Ethan could answer any questions, Charlie, who had picked up Jack’s loose gun, shot Ethan multiple times in the chest in retribution for what he had done to Claire (and Charlie being hanged from a tree).

I enjoyed most of this episode, but there were a couple of things that did not go over well.

  1. Claire has amnesia.  This is a tired old plot point to keep where Claire was taken secret for a longer period of time.  It is very cliche and seems like a lazy way to do what they wanted.
  2. Ethan’s death itself was just a way to keep viewers from knowing information.  I didn’t hate it, but it could be frustrating to some.
  3. The flashbacks were meant to show where Charlie’s feelings of being unable to protect someone came from, but it felt way too forced.  The flashbacks were a waste of time.
  4. Again, the focus is on the drug problem in the flashbacks and was played for more humor than anything else.
  5. Nothing is really done or mentioned about Charlie’s straight up murder of Ethan, who was subdued and captured.


Poor Scott, RIP.

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