LOST S1 E16 “Outlaws”

This one was really good.

We dive into the past with Sawyer, aka James Ford, and what brought him to Sydney.  He had been pointed in this direction in his effort to find the man who conned his mother and father out of their money and led to his father’s murder-suicide of James’ mother.

The episode started off with a frightening scene of little James being told to hide beneath the bed by his mother as we hear pounding on the door.  Just the thought of what that little boy had to listen to and live through really humanizes the redneck asshole that Sawyer becomes.

Then, he was sent to Australia by an old accomplice, Hibbs (played by the one and only Robert Patrick).  Hibbs told Sawyer that he had found the man whom had stolen his childhood and sent an angry and vengeful Sawyer on his path.

Sawyer found the man working at a shrimp shop, but he does not kill him at first.  Sawyer winds up in a bar where he encounters Christian Shepherd, Jack’s father.  The two of them talk over drinks and Christian uses the phrase “that’s why the Red Sox will never win the series.”  Christian convinces Sawyer to stop drowning his sorrows in alcohol and to go take care of the business.

So Sawyer does.  He goes and shoots Frank (played by Jeff Perry, who would go on to be Cyrus Bean in Scandal) only to find out that Frank never went by Sawyer and that Frank owed Hibbs money.  Hibbs sent Sawyer after this guy expecting that Sawyer would kill him, which he does, but not for the reasons he thought.

Meanwhile, on the Island, Sawyer is being harassed by a boar that seems to be targeting Sawyer’s things.  Sawyer takes off after the boar, looking for revenge.  Kate tags along, hoping to get the gun back from him.

While in the jungle, Sawyer hears the whispers and they sound as if they are saying, “It’ll come back around” which was the last thing that Frank said to Sawyer before he died.

The whole Sawyer vs. the Boar Island adventure was remarkably entertaining and gave us insights into Sawyer, Kate and even Locke.  Locke showed up midway through with a sweet story about his step-mom and how she believed her dead daughter was reincarnated into a Golden Retriever.

Kate and Sawyer had played a drinking game of “I Never” which started fun and really became personal as they continued.  It was revealed in the game that both of them had killed a man, further connecting these two outsiders.

Sawyer’s story is one of the more tragic ones on LOST and the things that happened to James Ford really shaped who he would become.  But among all of the tragedy, you can see the good man inside of Sawyer and you can relate to everything he does.


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