LOST S1 E23 “Exodus, Part 1”

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We have come to the first part of the first season finale entitled “Exodus Part .”  Now, the first part was a regular episode and the Part 2 was a double length episode that, in some parts of the world, was split into Part 2 & 3.  I will be watching it as one episode.

Exodus, Part 1 was a great return to storytelling that felt on pause for the past couple of episodes.

The flashbacks featured several of the cast members arriving for their ill-fated Oceanic Flight.  We see Michael and Walt at one of the low points of their relationships, Sun and Jin together waiting for the flight, Shannon turning in Sayid as an Arab that just left his bag unattended just to show off to Boone and Jack met Ana Lucia at the bar.  Ana Lucia is from the tail section of the plane and we will learn more about her in the second season.  We see Kate being tormented by Marshal Mars.  We see Sawyer being deported for headbutting an Australia official in a bar fight.

The Raft is launched successfully, sending Michael, Walt, Jin and Sawyer off on their adventure.  There is joy among the survivors because they hope that this will get them rescued.

But there is fear as well as Danielle had arrived with the ominous news that the Others were coming.  Danielle tells a story about when the Others came for Alex, her own daughter years ago.  She claimed that there would be black smoke in the distance.  Soon, the smoke was seen by the survivors as well.

Three things you can do… run, hide or die- Danielle said about the Others.

Image result for Black Rock LOSTThe idea of opening the Hatch and hiding everyone inside was floated around and Locke came up with an idea of using explosives to blow the Hatch open.  Danielle said that the dynamite was found at the Black Rock in the Dark Territory.  Jack, Locke, Kate, Hurley, Arzt and Danielle went to retrieve the dynamite. On the way, they nearly run into the monster, what Danielle calls a “security system.”  Turns out the Black Rock was a slave ship that was somehow stranded in the jungle.

There were several excellent character moments within the episode as well.

  • Sawyer told Jack about his meeting with Christian in a bar in Australia and how Christian had wished that he told Jack how much he loved him.  This was a wonderful scene and it helped to show Sawyer in a much more positive light.
  • Jin and Sun reunited just before Jin left on the raft.  Jin admitted that he was on the raft because he thought he was on this Island because he was being punished.
  • There was a humorous relationship between Arzt and Hurley.  Hurley could not pronounce Arzt’s name properly.
  • Walt took his dog Vincent to Shannon and said that she could keep him while he was gone.  Walt told her that Vincent helped him through the death of his mother and she could tell Vincent about Boone, if she’d like.
  • As everyone was wishing the raftees well, Sawyer looked for Kate, hoping that she would be there to see him off. She was not.

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