LOST S1 E22 “Born to Run”

“Born to Run” was the second consecutive LOST episode that felt like a filler, just in place to pass the time along until the big events of the season finale could get underway.  This one focused on Kate.

I am not fond of the way the character of Kate is played here.  She seemed to be inconsistent throughout the first season.  She is either shown as a manipulative, selfish con woman or she is a brave and strong leader.  I suppose the answer is that she is both, falling in-between the two, but the show tries to change it up with whatever it needs Kate to be.

This episode deals with flashbacks to show Kate accidentally getting her childhood friend/love Tom killed as she was trying to escape from the police.  Tom was a doctor and he had set up Kate with an opportunity to see her mother, who was dying from cancer.  Kate’s mother’s reaction was not what we expected because as soon as she realized that it was “Kathryn” visiting her, she started to cry out for help.

Tom was the original owner of the toy plane that Kate had gotten out of the Halliburton case.  I also have to take exception with what Kate had told Jack.  She said that the plane was from the person that she killed.  However, the death of Tom came during her attempted escape.  While she may be inadvertently responsible for Tom’s death, to say that she “killed” him is a bit of an exaggeration.

The episode saw the debut of high school science teacher Dr. Arzt, who claimed that they were starting on the cusp of monsoon season and that they needed to get that raft they were building launched as soon as possible.  It turns out that Arzt was full of baloney as it was revealed in the LOST: Missing Pieces episode “Tropical Depression” that Arzt was lying about the monsoon season.  Arzt, of course, has a explosive fate ahead of him in the season finale.



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