Sicario: Day of the Soldado

The first time I saw Sicario, the original film by director, Denis Villeneuve, I was not a fan.  Most of the world was screaming how great the film was, and I remember being fairly bored and not engaged.  I rewatched the movie earlier this year and I found it more interesting than I did the first time, but I still did not think it was a masterpiece as many did.

So I approached the sequel to a movie that did not seem like it needed one with some trepidation.  And it seems as if my reaction was very similar to my viewing of the first one.  I was bored for parts of the film and did not love it.  This time however, Denis Villeneuve is not directing, and there seems to be more critics who approach Sicario: Day of the Soldado with a negative view.

The movie absolutely feels like two distinct parts that have little to do with one another.  The first part of the film dealt with the US Government declaring the Mexican Drug Cartels as terrorist organizations since they aided in some terrorists crossing the border and these terrorists had a horrific attack on a US bank.  So they grabbed Josh Brolin and sent him in to go to war with the Mexican Cartels.  He enlisted the aid once again of Benecio Del Toro and they planned on making the Mexican cartels turn on each other and fight among themselves.

Now,this part of the film worried me because of the world that we live in right now.  Immigration is a major hot button issue and all there needs to be is a film to put to screen the ideas that help encourage the horrors that we are committing.

Plus, this was the part that I found dull and I felt as if it dragged on.

Then the film turns and becomes a kidnapping story that does not make much sense.  Oddly enough this was the section I found more engaging.  Then, something happens near the end of the film that really took me out because Sicario is meant to be grounded in reality, and what happens feels like it comes straight out of the fantastical stories that require you to suspend your disbelief, which simply was the wrong tone for this movie.

There were great performances here.  Benecio Del Toro and Josh Brolin are fantastic once again.  Brolin has had one heck of a summer with Thanos and Cable before this movie.  The girl who was kidnapped was played by Isabela Moner and she was excellent as well.  She certainly held her own opposite Del Toro for most of the movie.

The film is unspeakably violent and in a real world way.  That is why what happens at the end of the film is such a betrayal of the tone of the film that it should never have happened.

There are some great shots and the film looks beautiful.  There can be no denying that.

Perhaps I will like this more if I watch it again like the original, but I am not planning on that any time soon.  If you were to tell me that Uncle Drew would be the more entertaining movie this weekend… I would not have believed you.

2.75 stars

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