LOST S2 E10 “The 23rd Psalm”

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Mr. Eko had a great start on LOST.  He was one of the most original characters on television in both look and story.  Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje does a remarkable job pulling off this complex character, and perhaps never does it better than in The 23rd Psalm, the 10th episode of LOST in season 2.

When Eko discovered from Claire that Charlie had a statue of the Virgin Mary, he wanted to see it.  Breaking it open, Eko showed Claire the heroin hidden inside and demanded to know where Charlie was.

Eko knew about these statues because he was the drug runner who was responsible for putting the drug inside these statues.  Eko demanded that Charlie take him to the place where he found the statute.  Charlie tried to lie to Eko, but with his background knowledge, Eko was having none of it.  On their trip, they discovered the same dead body of a priest that Locke and Boone had found.  Of course, it was not a priest. Mr. Eko said it was the man who saved his life.  He would be known by fandom as “Goldie” because of the gold tooth he had.

Then, we had the standout moment of the show.  As Charlie was up in a tree trying to see the plane, the Smoke Monster came out of the jungle and approached Mr. Eko.  Charlie yelled for Eko to run, but instead, he just stood his ground.  This was the best look we had gotten of the Monster up until this point in the series.  Images of Eko’s past flashed through the smoke as they stared at one another.  Then the Monster took off, leaving Eko alone.  Charlie, amazed, climbed down and Eko said that he was not scared.

Eko and Charlie continue don to the plane where Eko found the body of his brother Yemi.  Yemi was a real priest who Eko was forcing into letting them use one of the church’s planes to fly the heroin out of Nigeria.  Yemi had called the army and a shootout ensued.  Yemi took a bullet to the chest and is helped on to the plane.  Goldie kicked Eko off on the ground and the plane took off.  The army came over and mistook Eko for the priest who tipped them off.

Eko burned the plane with the body of Yemi inside after giving Charlie another statue to replace the one he broke.  However, Charlie’s relationship with Claire had already been damaged and she wanted him away from Aaron.  Charlie took the new statue into a secret location where he had already stashed several Virgin Mary statues.

This episode takes Charlie down a darker path for a good chunk of the remainder of season 2.  So while the episode plays as a redemption story for Eko, it really goes in the opposite direction for Charlie.


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