LOST S2 E15 “Maternity Leave”

“Maternity Leave” is a flashback episode but it takes place fully on the Island.

The flashbacks deal with the time period where Claire had been abducted by Ethan Rom and exactly what had happened to her.

At first, Claire seemed very happy to be here as she appeared to be smiling and calm, although I believe this state was medically induced.  Especially with the violent manner in which Ethan had removed Claire from the other survivors.  When Claire asked about Charlie, Ethan said he let him go back, skipping over the hanging him from his neck in a tree part.

This flashback episode was also different as these flashbacks were actually flashes of memory that Claire was recovering from the period of time that she could not remember.  Psychologist Libby was able to aid in this through hypnosis.

What spurred Claire on was a fever and rash that had come across Aaron.  She was panicked because she remembered Ethan talking about how the baby needed special medicine to avoid getting sick.  When you add in Rousseau’s crazy rambling about the illness that her crew got, Claire was in full panic.  Even Jack’s calmness could not persuade her to let the fever take its course.

Claire went in search of the room where she was held, which would turn out to be a medical hatch.  Exploring inside, Claire, Kate and Rousseau discovered it was deserted.  No Others.  No medicine. What they did find was a fake beard, “theatrical glue”, and some clothes that looked like what was worn by Mr. Friendly.

Claire remembers seeing Mr. Friendly without beard or wild hair telling Ethan that he wasn’t supposed to have taken Claire until they got “the list.”  Mr. Friendly also said that “he” wouldn’t be happy.  This indicated that Mr. Friendly was not the one in charge.

Claire found some crocheting which reminded her of a young girl who we believe was Alex, Rousseaus’s daughter who had been taken from her years ago.

After a failed trip to the medical station, the women returned to camp.  Claire remembered that Rousseau had tried to help her instead of capture her, and she told her about Alex.  The next morning, the fever had gone and Aaron was much better.

Meanwhile, in the Swan, John and Jack continued to hide Henry from the rest of the survivors.  When Mr. Eko came in for a saw, he must have realized what was going on because he approached Jack with a request to talk to him alone.  Eko went in to see Henry and he apologized for his killing of the Others and he said to Henry that he was now on the path of righteousness.  With his confession, Eko took out his knife and cut off the two tufts of hair growing on his chin.

Henry continued his verbal manipulation as well, preying on John Locke.  Henry said that he was surprised that the “doctor” was the leader and how he did not like how he spoke to John.  John ignores it at first,but once he is out of the armory, John throws the dishes across the room.  Henry can hear that his words are having their affect.


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