LOST S2 E16 “The Whole Truth”

Image result for LOST The whole truth

I remember this episode when it first aired.  My thoughts then were considerably different than they are now.

I remember rooting for Jin and Sun.  When Sun found out she was pregnant, I was happy, but then we got the flashback about how Sun could not have any children.  So the Island cured her, huh?  Except that was not it.

Jack advised Sun to tell Jin and to tell him the whole truth.  We then find out that it was Jin in reality who could not have children.  The doctor who told Sun she was the reason was scared of how Jin might react to the news, considering how he worked for Sun’s father.  But he thought Sun had a right to know.

So this begged the question that Jin asks when Sun does tell him of the baby.  How are you pregnant.  I remember when I first watched this episode and when Sun swore that the whole truth was that she had never been with another man, I was afraid we would hear the whooshing sound and we would see that Sun did have sex with Jae Lee, the guy she had been set up with in a previous flashback and who was back teaching Sun English.  I held my breath waiting, hoping against all hope that Sun did not cheat on Jin.

And the whoosh never came.  So I thought that it meant that Sun was telling the truth.  And I was happy.

Except…she wasn’t.  A future flashback showed that she was having an affair with Jae Lee, and that she lied about it to Jin.  So much for the whole truth.

I really remember being relieved when the flashback didn’t come of Sun and Lee having sex.  It was such a letdown to know that it was not true, and because of what I know now, the impact of this episode really took a hit for me.

There was still Henry goodness going on though.  When Locke brought Ana Lucia into talk to Henry (as a former cop), he drew her a map to his balloon.  Then, at the end of the episode, Henry is brought out for cereal for “good behavior” he said.  Drawing the map must have earned him this, Henry said, but Jack and Locke had no idea about a map.  Henry said that there must be some real trust issues going on around here.  He then told this amazing narrative about if he was one of them, he would draw a map that would lead them into an ambush and his people would trade them for him.

As Locke and Jack stared at Henry with question, he ended with a great line…

“Good thing I’m not one of them.  You guys got any milk?”

Reportedly, it was this scene that convinced the people in charge of LOST that Michael Emerson needed to return for more than the original three episodes that they contracted him for.  And I can’t imagine what LOST would have been without Ben Linus.

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